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Username: Tlmac55
First Name: mike Last Name: champagne
ICQ: Location: Stratford, CT
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Request Chevy #30 - chevy wip.tga 838 downloads
Tlmac55 - 4/13/2009 - 0 User Comments - 611.7 kb  
Heres your request buddy! Sorry about the other ones! I had 2 requests at the same time and named it the wrong thing! Credits same as always google, rpd, srd, botw, masgrafx
Request 2 for wolfman - nat guars request 2.tga 741 downloads
Tlmac55 - 4/11/2009 - 2 User Comments - 747.5 kb  
This is request number 2. Credits go to deadpool, srd, rpd, masgrafx, google, and botw. Hope you like buddy and enjoy!! The delphi is outlined with black in the game bt i was just to laszy to re render it! lol Enjoy!
Request for Wolfman - nat guard request 1.tga 714 downloads
Tlmac55 - 4/11/2009 - 0 User Comments - 1,176.0 kb  
Did this request for wolfman in the forums. Credits go to deadpool, srd, rpd, masgrafx, google, and botw. Hope you like buddy and enjoy!!
Fic Combos SS.net - #22_Combos.tga 796 downloads
Tlmac55 - 4/1/2009 - 4 User Comments - 1,686.5 kb  
Did this car for my cousin and thought it came out really well! Credits are as usual: google, rpd, srd, botw, mascgrafx GUYS PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!! I would like to know what ppl think!
Fic Nitro Circus SS.net - #32_Nitro Circus.tga 664 downloads
Tlmac55 - 3/30/2009 - 2 User Comments - 1,538.7 kb  
Love this show and got inspired to make this car!! Credits are as usual: rpd, srd, deadpool, google, and botw
#88 Dale Jr Foundation All Star race - Jr allstar.cup.car 816 downloads
Tlmac55 - 3/17/2009 - 5 User Comments - 382.3 kb  
Here is Jr's ride for the all star race! NOt really that much to it i hope they change it up but hey Jr has a big say in all o fhis designs, but i can't really say i like this one! Credits go to RPD, deadpool SRD google and masgrafx
#32 Susan G Breast cancer SS.net - #32 Susan G.tga 700 downloads
Tlmac55 - 3/13/2009 - 8 User Comments - 1,209.1 kb  
So i decided to start making cars for a lot of these foundations that our out there and i figured autism and breast cancer should be first. The nascar guys usually drive pink cars in oct but I decided to Paint one now! Credits go to google, srd, masgrafx, Deadpool, AGD and RPD. Enjoy!
#32 Autism Speaks SS.Net - Autism.cup.car 733 downloads
Tlmac55 - 3/10/2009 - 5 User Comments - 436.8 kb  
This is probably one of my favorite cars i have done so far. This is the first base that i did on my own and boy I'm telling ya it was hard work. Well exactly half of the base is mine. I work with kids and have come across a few with autism and I can truly say it is a life changing experience to work with these kids. They really are a ton of fun! O btw rims are light blue on the car. They didn't show up for some reason in the render! Credits go to google, srd, masgrafx, Deadpool, and RPD. Enjoy!
2009 #43 Valvoline Reed Sorenson - #43 valvoline.tga 1159 downloads
Tlmac55 - 1/19/2009 - 5 User Comments - 1,437.3 kb  
Heres Reed's Valvoline car! Hope you guys enjoy!!!
2009 #21 Bill Elliott Motorcraft - 21ElliottMotorcraft.cup.car 865 downloads
Tlmac55 - 1/15/2009 - 5 User Comments - 570.8 kb  
This is my first Real paint scheme! Not really that hard to do to be honest! Credits go to google, srd, masgrafx, and drinksoco! Enjoy!
#90 Toys R Us SS.net - 90 toys_R_Us.car 728 downloads
Tlmac55 - 1/14/2009 - 2 User Comments - 425.0 kb  
Second post!! Did this car for my little 9 yr old brother that plays the game!! template: DeaDPool basescheme: RPD contingencies: 2chance1 logos: Deadpool, google, and BOTW numbers: Masgrafx
#32 Patriotic Monster Energy SS.net - acdelco_52.cup.car 641 downloads
Tlmac55 - 1/12/2009 - 1 User Comments - 400.3 kb  
My first car!! The other cars were my brothers! This is the first one i painted! template: DeaDPool basescheme: Seb contingencies: 2chance1 logos: Deadpool, google, and BOTW numbers: Masgrafx Please leave comments!!
Fic #27 Cloverfield SS.net - #27_Cloverfield.tga 690 downloads
Tlmac55 - 5/10/2008 - 2 User Comments - 1,247.4 kb  
Painted this car for my cousin. He loved this movie so i thought I'd give him an alternate for his league! Turned out better than i thought it would!! Credits go to Mas, Deadpool, SBR, and google. Comments please!!
Fic #34 Frankenstein SS.net - #34_Spooky.tga 699 downloads
Tlmac55 - 5/4/2008 - 0 User Comments - 967.2 kb  
Here is my second post. I loved this car when Terry drove it back in 97 at lowe's so i decided to make my own. Most of my cars are fictional kellogg's throwback cars. Credits go to BOTW, Cynon, Ten0r, and burnout.
Fic Kellogg's Salute the troops SS.net - #34_Tribute.tga 742 downloads
Tlmac55 - 5/2/2008 - 5 User Comments - 655.3 kb  
Ok so here is my first upload to the site. Been coming here for years and downloading cars and figured i'd finally contribute! I saw TwerpBassMan put the Salute the troops logo and i came up with a good idea! Decided to twist around a base that theshackle made for me and turn it into a tribute car. Other credits go to BOTW, Cynon, Ten0r, and burnout. My first car so please leave comments and tell me what ya think!
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