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Username: hokiegrad
First Name: Gary Last Name:
ICQ: Location: Orlando, FL
Hobbies: NR2003, Kart racing Web Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodiIzpdqzq5BmLC6X4_7dw
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RWRE 6 & RPDE 1 (BR15-Gen6) - RWRE6&RPDE1.zip 277 downloads
hokiegrad - 12/15/2015 - 1 User Comments - 8,108.9 kb  
So I did two driving experiences in the past two weeks: Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at New Smyrna and Richard Petty Driving Experience at Las Vegas. What a blast! These cars are "semi-fictional" Gen6 versions of the cars I drove those two days. Credits 1 car: template-Italo Rapicci, number and base-me, contigs-harkleroad. Credits 6 car: template-Italo Rapicci, number-Deadpool, contigs-harkleroad. All the rest from google. Great renders by the guys over at SRD! (thanks for those) Cars come with drivers, crews, and credits to keep them in the race! Enjoy, and comments welcome.
Alan Kulwicki Zerex Retro 1988 (BR15) - KulwickiZerex88.cup.car 354 downloads
hokiegrad - 12/5/2015 - 3 User Comments - 1,279.9 kb  
A throwback to 1988! Credits: Temp-BR, base-me, numbers-kyle slaughter, contigs-harkleroad, logos-botw and google. Comes with pit crew, ratings, and painted driver. Comments welcome.
2016 Danica Patrick TaxAct Chevy(BR15) - 2016 PatrickTax.cup.car 719 downloads
hokiegrad - 11/27/2015 - 1 User Comments - 3,519.6 kb  
I thought this one was a pretty sharp scheme and very do-able, so I cranked it out. I like this scheme much better than her primary ride next year. Credits: Temp and contigs-BER, number-BER, taxact logo- masgrafx, assoc sponsors-Lurn2Burn and google, b-pillars-FosteRick, base-me. Rest, me and google. Comes with crew and driver. Enjoy. Comments welcome. (you may have to shorten the file name to get the car to work in game...)
RWRE Toyota (BR15) - RWRE 11 Toyota.cup.car 357 downloads
hokiegrad - 10/31/2015 - 0 User Comments - 4,536.3 kb  
I did the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at Richmond a couple of weeks ago. This is my rendition of one of the cars they had there that day. Credits: 2048 Temp and contigs by Lepage, Coral, and ABUCHL. Number by Deadpool edited by me. Logos from Google. Renders by Iceman at SRD. Comes with crew and driver and ratings to keep it in the race. Enjoy, and comments welcome. If you care to see the video of my experience, copy and paste this link https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=CbwRhW6G_wU
Retro Contingency set - retro contigsmin.psd 394 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/25/2015 - 2 User Comments - 3,712.6 kb  
So, I have been noticing how some of the retro schemes for Darlington also have some retro contingencies on them as well, so I thought I would help everyone out and post this. File type is psd. You will have to size them yourself. I didn't bother since you could be using 2048 or 1024 scaling, and the stroke around the Mechanix wear logo will have to be adjusted accordingly. The mechanix wear logo is by me, and the smaller nascar race car logo is by turn4graphics. Their site doesn't seem to be functional right now so I hope they don't mind me sliding that logo on here. The rest I found on google - with some small improvements by me. Enjoy, and comments welcome.
Honda Generators Ford - RPDE Gen6 - RPDE HondaGen.cup.car 387 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/1/2015 - 2 User Comments - 3,916.5 kb  
I did the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway this past week and had a blast. I made this car to replicate the car I drove, so I figured I would share. Credits: Temp-BER, base-me, number-Lurn2Burn, contigs- harkleroad, b-pillars-rick and me, logos-google and me. Comes with crew, driver, and ratings. Comments appreciated. Enjoy! If you care to check it out, I uploaded a video of the experience here http://youtu.be/18FgVjjBNBM
2015 Austin Dillon Brickyard 400 Mycogen car Gen6 - 2015_3Brickyard.cup.car 967 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/25/2015 - 3 User Comments - 3,826.2 kb  
Here is the car that Austin is driving in the Brickyard tomorrow. Credits: temp-BR, base-me, number-mas, contigs- Harkleroad , b-pillars-rick, rest me and google. Render- ernhrtfan. Comes with crew, driver, and ratings-crew borrowed from the BR15mod. Enjoy, and comments appreciated.
1986 Rusty Wallace Retro Gen6 - Wallace R 1986.cup.car 468 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/16/2015 - 1 User Comments - 3,838.6 kb  
A throwback - retro based on the car Rusty drove to his first cup win. Appropriately at Bristol!! This car was a Pontiac, but since that is not an option, it was going to be either a Chevy or a Dodge. Since Rusty finished up his career in a Dodge, and since the original Pontiac this car is based on kind of resembles the Dodge, I went with it. And for me, any excuse to put a scheme on a Dodge since they don’t exist in NASCAR anymore works for me... Credits: temp-BER, alugard logo-dpawlak, number-me, contigs-harkleroad, b-pillars-rougue, associates-turn4 graphics. Awesome render by Andy1 at SRD. Comes with driver, ratings, and a crew borrowed from the cup90 mod. Enjoy, and comments appreciated.
Ricky Rudd Retro Tide Car Gen6 - Rudd_10_90s.cup.car 564 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/9/2015 - 2 User Comments - 4,434.5 kb  
A retro based on the car Ricky drove as a driver-owner from 1994 to 1999. Credits: Temp-BER, base-me, numbers-mas, contigs- harkleroad, B-pillars-Rick, Tide logo-mas, other logos-google, crew-cup90mod, render-Andy1 at SRD. Comes with crew, driver, and ratings. Enjoy, and comments appreciated.
2015 Matt Kenseth July Daytona BR15 - 20kenseth_2015-07-05.cup.car 973 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/3/2015 - 5 User Comments - 2,124.4 kb  
Here is Matt's car for this weekend at Daytona. I am pushing my Benny Parsons retro off the recent uploads to upload this, so if you are interested, click on my name or go to the upload library. Credits: temp-BR, base-me, numbers-MRD, contigs- harkleroad, crew-BR, render-Andy1, rest-me and google. Enjoy! Comments appreciated.
Mid 1980's Benny Parsons retro Gen6 - Parsons_B_55_cope.cup.car 399 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/2/2015 - 5 User Comments - 4,502.2 kb  
My next retro...BPs ride from the mid 80s brought to the Gen6. Credits: Temp-Italo, base-me, contigs-harkleroad, logos-google. Comes with crew and ratings. Render by Andy1 at SRD. Enjoy, and comments welcome.
1964 to 1971 Richard Petty Retro Gen6 - 1970sPettyCOT.cup.car 524 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/29/2015 - 2 User Comments - 1,426.2 kb  
Along the theme of my last couple of posts of creating a car to represent each championship winning paint scheme...this one represents the King's 1964, 1967, and 1971 championships (pre STP days). The subset pic is his car from 1971. It's a simple paint, I know, but it looks good on the track! Credits: temp-BR, contigs-harkleroad, number-mas(i think, it has been a while) rest-me and google. Comes with crew and ratings. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
1960s Cup Champs Retro Gen6 - 60s_cup_champs1.zip 378 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/25/2015 - 2 User Comments - 9,856.8 kb  
So I embarked on a quest to create a roster of all cup championship car schemes, but I instead decided to limit the roster to just the "modern era." I did however finish these so I thought i would share them. The set includes 1965 Ned Jarrett, 1960 Rex White, and 1966 David Pearson. (all of these guys are HOFs as well) The 11 and 4 cars correctly have white rims (unlike the renders). Credits: Temps-BER(11&6) and BR(4), contigs-harkleroad, logos-me and google, numbers-me(11&4) and mudslide(6). All come with crews (by me) and ratings to keep them in the race. Renders by ernhrtfan. If you are interested in some more of these cup champion schemes, just check my uploads over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy, and comments welcome.
1980 Dale Earnhardt Retro Gen6 - 1980Earnhardt_2.cup.car 439 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/22/2015 - 2 User Comments - 4,454.9 kb  
I was putting together a roster of all cup championship winning paint schemes and couldn't find this one anywhere so I put it together. This is the scheme that Dale drove to his first championship in 1980. I was surprised I couldn't find it already done. Credits: Temp-BER, base, logos-me and google, number- racing grafix, contigs-harkleroad, b-pillars-me, crew-me. Comes with ratings to keep it in the race. Enjoy, and comments welcome.
1983 Bobby Allison Retro Gen6 - 22Allison1983.cup.car 419 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/18/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,451.6 kb  
This retro is based on the car that Bobby Allison drove to a Cup Championship in 1983. Temp-BR, numbers by mas, logos found on Google, contigs-harkleroad. Comes with pit crew, driver, and ratings. Enjoy, and comments are appreciated.
Justin Allgaier 2015 Michigan Gen6 - 2015_51 Allgaier QH.cup.car 665 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/13/2015 - 4 User Comments - 3,567.9 kb  
This is the car Justin will drive at the Michigan Quicken Loans 400 this weekend. Credits: temp-BER, base-me, number-masgrfx, logos-abuchl, muddslide, google and myself, b pillars-foster rick. Comes with crew that was supplied with the BR15 mod. Render by John Norton. Comments welcome.
K1 Speed Boris Said Fictional Gen6 - 71K1Speed.cup.car 444 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/6/2015 - 2 User Comments - 3,673.7 kb  
My first pure fictional in quite a while. These kart places are pretty awesome. I made the driver Boris Said since he is actually part owner of K1 Speed. Credits: Temp-Italo, base- RAH, numbers-me, logos-google, contigs-BER, B-pillars-Rogue. Comes with crew, driver, and ratings to keep it in the race. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
Competition 101 Racing School Gen6 - comp101.cup.car 411 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/4/2015 - 2 User Comments - 2,154.5 kb  
I went and did the Competition 101 Racing Experience at Orlando Speed World a little while back. This is the school that David Reutimann and Buzzie Reutimann team with Stuart Lycett to teach all levels of racing on pavement and dirt. This car is my rendition of the car I drove that day. Credits: Temp-BR, logos-google and me, contigs-harkleroad, numbers-me. Comes with crew and ratings to keep it in the race. I made a video of the experience. If you are interested, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvwlrEH4cic
NR1994 Player car for Cup90 mod - 94JohnSmith.cts.car 306 downloads
hokiegrad - 6/3/2015 - 3 User Comments - 2,011.7 kb  
Done as a request...this car is based on the car that was the default driver in the original Nascar Racing game from 1994. A "fictional retro", if you will. Small pics are from the original game. Credits: base-me, numbers-mas, hood logo-me, other logos- google. Temp and contigs-CC48 I believe. Comes with crew from silentknight downloaded here. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
Jeff Gordon Busch Series 1991 Retro Gen6 - Gordon1991.cup.car 437 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/31/2015 - 2 User Comments - 3,562.5 kb  
Wanted to do a little tribute to Jeff, and his rainbow car has been done many times over, so I thought I would go a little farther back. I have done his Baby Ruth car for a couple of different mods, so I chose to do this one for the Gen6 mod. This is the car he drove for Bill Davis his rookie season in the Busch Series and won ROY, and yes it was in a Ford! Credits: temp by Italo(mostly) contigs-BER, base-me, rest me and Google. Comes with crew and driver to match Jeff's suit in the pic. Awesome render by Andy1 at SRD. Car file is numbered 001 as to not conflict with Jamie Mac or any other #1 car in your roster. Enjoy, and comments welcome.
2015 Fred Jones "The Player" BRGen6 - 2015_86_Fred_JonesGen6.cup.car 571 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/28/2015 - 8 User Comments - 4,241.6 kb  
This is my remake of the car that came as the default driver, Fred Jones, in the original cup mod(see inset bottom right). I made this car before for BR11, NWS11, and BR12, so I decided he was due for an update. Remember this? Everyone should want this car in their game!! :) Credits: Temp & contigs - BER, base & number - me, Papyrus logo, Sierra logo, and pit crew - Papyrus. Render by Andy1 at SRD. Comments welcome.
1970s retros for BR Gen6 mod - 70s retro cars.rar 595 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/25/2015 - 1 User Comments - 6,257.7 kb  
Three 1970s retros that I haven’t found where anyone else has done them for this mod yet. All come with driver, crew, and ratings to keep it in the race. The Benny Parsons car is very loosely based off the car he drove the year he won the cup. He primarily drove unsponsored that year so I embellished a little. No, he didn’t run with a big “BP” on the hood :) Temp BR, contigs-Harkleroad, base-me, number and BP logo-I don’t remember. If you recognize them – take credit. For Cale Yarborough, his 3 time (consecutive) Cup championship Holly Farms scheme. Credits: BER temp&contigs, HF logo-mas, number-deadpool, base-me, rest-me & Google. For Darrell Waltrip, his 1979 Gatorade car. Actually, this scheme was driven through the late 70’s to early 80’s by not only DW, but also Bobby Allison(won the ’82 Daytona 500 in this scheme), Ricky Rudd, Geoff Bodine, and Rusty Wallace to name a few. DW’s run in the car was probably the best known because he actually led the points going into the last race of the year in 1979 only to end up losing the Championship to Richard Petty. Credits: Temps-BR, Google for logos and Harkleroad for contigs. Everything else by me. Renders by ernhrtfan. Enjoy, and comments appreciated.
1989 Kyle Petty Retro (BRGen6) - KPetty Peak1989.cup.car 380 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/22/2015 - 6 User Comments - 3,921.2 kb  
Kyle Petty's 1989 Peak antifreeze car. Temp - Big Evil, base by me, number from mas, contigs from bman(i think), everything else google. Enjoy, and comments appreciated.
2002 Boris Said Retro (BRGen6) - 2002BSaid.cup.car 488 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/19/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,661.4 kb  
Hey, it has been quite a while since I have painted a car so I figured I was about due. I wanted to do a retro (of course) and wanted to do one that I haven't seen anyone else do for this mod yet. This is the car that Boris drove for Japser Motorsports in the road races of 2002. Credits: temp-BR, base stripe, numbers, Jasper logos-mas (I think), contigs-trg, b- pillars-drink socko, other logos-google and me. The crew came from the original cup car in game. Comes with ratings to keep it in the race. And thanks to Rogue at SRD for the render! Enjoy, and comments welcome.
Keselowski alternate (Allison retro) Gen6 - BradKAllison.cup.car 540 downloads
hokiegrad - 9/17/2013 - 7 User Comments - 5,449.5 kb  
I was going to do a Bobby Allison retro and then I found where someone had already done a nice one, so I did this instead - a Keselowski retro-fictional-alternate scheme. Allison's scheme and primary with associates and contigs from the current 2 car. I think it turned out okay. 2048 Temp-BER, contigs-harkleroad, number-mrd, b-pillar-I don't know but I got them here, rest-me & google. Render by Andy1 at SRD. Comes with crew, driver, and ratings to keep it in the race. Comments welcome.
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