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Username: Jrsrusty_81
First Name: Jeremy Last Name: Stanley
E-mail: jrsrustyfan05@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location: Titusville
Hobbies: Painting Web Page: www.stanleysimgraphix.com
uploaded files
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2013 Ryan Newman Quicken Loans Base - BRgen6_Quicken Loans 2013 (Flat).psd 1362 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 3/7/2013 - 2 User Comments - 885.4 kb  
Layered in PSD format. Enjoy!
#2013 #99 Carl Edwards Subway Gen6 - 2013 Carl Edwards Subway.rar 2125 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 3/4/2013 - 3 User Comments - 347.7 kb  
Here is my take on Carl Edwards's 2013 Subway Ford Fusion! Base is by me, logos are by google and numbers are from SRD. Contigs are also from SRD. Thanks to Rob for the render. Enjoy! **EDIT** The NASCAR RACECAR and K&N logo has been added to the contigs since the render.
#29 Gen6 Goodwrench Fictional (2003 Remake) - 2003_Goodwrench.cup.car 1239 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 2/28/2013 - 4 User Comments - 345.6 kb  
Thanks to Masgrafx and Google for the logos. Base is by me and render by Rob. Hope you all enjoy!
#99 Aflac Fictional (2007 Remake) - 2007 Aflac Remakes (Gen6-BR).rar 1453 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 2/25/2013 - 5 User Comments - 710.5 kb  
First Gen6-BR mod for me. Also included is a superspeedway verson of the car with the fusion/grill placements swapped. Base is by me, logos from Masgrafx and Google. Render is from Blueclipse. Hope you all enjoy!
#9 SP Tools NW Ford Fusion - 9_SP Tools.gns.car 1060 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 1/24/2013 - 0 User Comments - 348.5 kb  
This car is based off the 2011-2012 V8 Supercar. Thanks to Chad for the template and google for the logos. Base is by me. Enjoy!
#2 Dunkin Doughnuts Audi R8 - 2_DD_AudiR8.gns.car 890 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 1/21/2013 - 0 User Comments - 318.0 kb  
The numbers were made from SRD(Jeeble) and the logos were from Google. Base and template is by me. Enjoy!
2014 Jaguar XFR-S Template (BR12) - Jaguar XFR-S Cup.rar 699 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 1/8/2013 - 1 User Comments - 3,820.6 kb  
Here is the Bullring 2012 COT version of my Jaguar XFR-S template! If there is any good ideas of any future template you guys would like to see, please let me know.
2014 Jaguar XFR-S Template (NNS COT) - 2014 Jaguar XFR-S.rar 555 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 1/7/2013 - 2 User Comments - 4,223.1 kb  
Here is the 2nd complete template to roll out of Stanley Simulation Graphixs' garage. This time it is a 2014 Jaguar XFR-S. This template has full door/hood/nose/rear shading, and all the lights and textures were painted by me. Hopefully you all like this template as well!
2012 Audi R8 LMS Template!(NNS COT) - 2012 Audi R8 LMS Template.rar 684 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 1/2/2013 - 6 User Comments - 16,087.1 kb  
The first ever template to come out of the Stanley Simulation Graphix garage is finally here! First I would like to give a big thanks to Chad Mikozs with BIG EVIL RACING for letting me use parts of his Chevy SS NNS COT template to help me complete this one. Template comes with 3 Windshield banners and both NW and Cup contig replacements, and the template is in 1024x768 scale. All Audi parts were hand painted by me. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one!
#3 2013 Nintendo 3DS ChevorletSS (NWS11) - Nintendo_3DS.gns.car 537 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 12/18/2012 - 1 User Comments - 350.3 kb  
I bought a 3DS over the weekend for my girlfriend and I and thought I could paint a car for it. Thank you Chad Mikozs for the template and Google for the logos. Base was made by me and render came from Ten0r's. I hope you all enjoy!
#7 2013 RPM 5 Gum Chevorlet SS(NWS11) - 5_RPM_Gum.gns.car 571 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 12/16/2012 - 6 User Comments - 345.6 kb  
Thank you Chad Mikosz for the template and google for the logos. Base done by me and render from Ten0r's. Hope everyone here likes it!
Oreo Base (TGA Format) (BR12) - Oreo base.rar 740 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 11/14/2012 - 6 User Comments - 1,205.7 kb  
This is my Oreo base I made for myself. I decided to post it on here for everyone. It is in TGA format and is NOT layered, so you can only add your personal logos and your personal number. If you would like more of these, or if you all would like for me to leave the cars layered, let me know also. Going to try my hardest to bring everyone on here more content than what I have been recently. Thank you all for enjoying the content I have been posting here and hopefully you all like this one as well!
#18 Kyle Busch Speed Fictional - 18_Speed Energy.cup.car 681 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 11/1/2012 - 4 User Comments - 378.9 kb  
Different look for a Speed Energy ride. Thanks to SRD for the template and Google and Masgrafx for the logos Base and render by me. Enjoy!
#20 Halo 4 Gamestop Fictional - 20_Halo4.cup.car 522 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 10/29/2012 - 4 User Comments - 368.2 kb  
The Halo 4 Xbox 360 looks pretty cool, so that is what has inspired me to make this car + the fact I havent posted a car in awhile. Thanks to google for the logos and SRD for the template. Base and render by me. Enjoy!
#18 1998 Small Soldiers Bobby Labonte(BR12) - 1998_BL_SmSold.cup.car 718 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 8/16/2012 - 3 User Comments - 411.3 kb  
Template by SRD, logos from google and Masgrafx, base by me. Enjoy!
BR12 Ford Base *Fictional* - BR12_Ford base.rar 991 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/13/2012 - 2 User Comments - 931.5 kb  
Havent uploaded in a very long time due to being busy but I decided to post a base I whipped up being bored lol. Includes base layers only and made with Photoshop CS6 in .psd format. Enjoy!
#77 Dan Wheldon Vegas Scheme **COT** - 77_DWheldon_RIP.cup.car 1080 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 10/17/2011 - 13 User Comments - 337.9 kb  
This is for the DMR COT mod if someone cant tell. This is the scheme Dan Wheldon ran yesterday at Las Vegas. I wasnt trying to be a "first" or anything, I just wanted to display some type of a tribute with something im good at doing. He was a very positive individual that inspired many current racers today. We all appreciate your contributions to INDYCAR, and as well as other motorsports you may have been an influence for. Your spirit will be with everyone forever and we will miss seeing your talents on the track and your awesome character off the track. Rest In Peace Dan Wheldon! Thanks to theshackle for the awesome tribute logo (its on the C-Pillar), Google for the logos. Number, base, and render by me.
#4 Monster Rehab **NWS11** - 4_Monster_Rehab.gns.car 1152 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 9/8/2011 - 8 User Comments - 448.3 kb  
Fictional scheme for the Monster Rehab Energy Drink. Thanks to Google for the logos and Masgrafx for the #. Base by me. Comments?
#99 Apple/INCIPIO DMR Ford Fusion. - 99_Incipio.cup.car 1533 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/13/2011 - 3 User Comments - 384.4 kb  
Thanks to Google for the logos, SRD for the numbers. Base and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
#0 Jack Sprague NetZero.com (Cup11s) - 2003_0_NetZero.cup.car 1111 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/30/2011 - 3 User Comments - 363.1 kb  
Since Toyota didn't run in 2003, I decided to make a Pontiac version like they ran in 2003. Please let me know how it looks. Big thanks to Lurn2Burn for allowing me to use his Pontiac template from the ss.net mod. Other thanks goes to Google for the logos. #, base, and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
#88 Dale Jarret 2003 UPS Store (Cup11s) - 2003_88_UPS_Store.cup.car 1251 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/22/2011 - 4 User Comments - 384.2 kb  
2nd and last car for Dale Jarret. Thanks Google for the logos, SRD for the number. Base and render by me. Comment? Enjoy!
#88 Dale Jarret 2003 UPS (Cup11s) - 2003_88_UPS.cup.car 1013 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/20/2011 - 0 User Comments - 376.6 kb  
3rd driver in the series. Thanks Google for the logos, SRD for the numbers, base and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
#97 Kurt Busch 2003 Blue Ice (Cup11s) - 2003_97_BlueIce.cup.car 1052 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/16/2011 - 0 User Comments - 402.3 kb  
5th and last car for the 2003 set of Kurt Busch. Next up is Dale Jarret. Thanks to Google for the logos, dbake24 for the number. Base and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
#97 Kurt Busch 2003 Rubbermaid BRUTE (Cup11s) - 2003_97_R_BRUTE.cup.car 1110 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/12/2011 - 4 User Comments - 378.0 kb  
4th car in the Kurt Busch 2003 carset by request. Thanks to Google for the logos, Base and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
#97 Kurt Busch 2003 IRWIN Tools (Cup11s) - 2003_97_IRWIN.cup.car 991 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 5/10/2011 - 5 User Comments - 381.0 kb  
3rd car for the 2003 set of Kurt Busch's cars. Thanks Google for the logos, and dbake24 for the number. Base and render by me. Comments? Enjoy!
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