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#30 Paul Menard 2011 Fic - 2011_menard.tga 570 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/22/2010 - 0 User Comments - 460.5 kb  
Hi havent posted in a while so i made this for the wisconsin driver. Havent seen a guess yet of what his new RCR ride will look like so i took a stab at it. Credits go to. masgrafx, deadpool0088, bigdonlinemotorsports, mldesigns, teamsbr, tenor4shop for the render. hope yall like it. have a good one -stormy
#46 Interush Dodge *Bullring Fic* - 46_interush_fic.tga 523 downloads
Stormblast44 - 7/12/2010 - 0 User Comments - 452.7 kb  
Credits: Masgrafx, Turn4Graphics, MLDesigns, bmann, SS.net/bullring, muddslide18, deadpool0088, tenor4 renders. If i forgot you please let me know. JJ yeley and Whitney Motorsports fic.
#59 Oscar Mayer/Kroger Ford *Bullring* - 59_oscar_kroger_ford.tga 566 downloads
Stormblast44 - 7/10/2010 - 0 User Comments - 468.3 kb  
Hi guys, im back for awhile so i painted this up. Not too pleased with how it turned out but i will throw it out here none the less. Credits go to bullring/ss.net, muddslide18, Mldesigns, deadpool0088, bmann, masgrafx, turn4designs, tenor4 renders. If i forgot somebody please let me know! leave comments if you want and i hope you have a great day ;)
#90 Scott Riggs Allstate Dodge Fic - 90Allstate_Dodge.tga 556 downloads
Stormblast44 - 5/2/2010 - 1 User Comments - 453.9 kb  
i have always wanted to see underdog teams succeed, so i painted up this fictional for Scott Riggs and KeyedUp Motorsports. Credits are to L2burn, deadpool, masgrafx, BOTW, bmann, SRDesigns, and tenor4 renders. leave comments if you want, see ya'll later
#34 Travis Kvapil KFC Ford *Fictional* - 34_KFC_FORD.tga 540 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/28/2010 - 0 User Comments - 452.3 kb  
Same credits as my other KFC car, its just on a ford now because Front Row Changed to ford. realistic fiction car, leave comments if ya want, thanks guys ;)
#99 Scotts 2010 fic - 99scotts.tga 578 downloads
Stormblast44 - 12/10/2009 - 2 User Comments - 441.9 kb  
Deadpool0088, SRD, MLDesigns, Masgrafx, SS.net, bmann, anyone else i forgot, gatta run later ;)
#32 Great Clips Toyota 2010 fic - 32GreatClips.tga 578 downloads
Stormblast44 - 12/7/2009 - 2 User Comments - 360.8 kb  
Hi, isnt as good as my KFC car, but i tried with the time i had. For Reed Sorenson and Braun Racing fic for next year. Credits go to SS.net, SRD, MLDesigns, BOTW, Deadpool, bmann, masgrafx, teamsbr paintshop, and anyone else i forgot thanks. -stormy
#34 KFC Chevy 2010 fic - 43kfc.tga 606 downloads
Stormblast44 - 12/6/2009 - 4 User Comments - 470.3 kb  
Hi, i made this ride for the Front Row Motorsports team and Travis Kvapil in mind. Credits go to SS.net, Masgrafx, deadpool0088, bmann, MLDesigns, SRD, and anyone else i forgot, thanks. Leave comments if you want.
#23 Jacques Villeneuve Fictional - 23_AEROEXHAUST.rar 676 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/29/2007 - 14 User Comments - 843.5 kb  
Had this idea, thought it would look cool. Credits: Masgrafx,t4g,MLD,RSC,chevydriver3,MRD,tucknut,and Taxi34 (for render) .tga file drop in imports/exports folder (that way you can use it in Cup and BGN mod) thanks and have a great day :) -stormy44
#84 Hype MFG toyota *UNDERDOG RIDE* - HYPE_mfg_toyota_84.rar 604 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/24/2007 - 4 User Comments - 792.0 kb  
Hey guys, idk how much i will be painting but here's one...i got this idea at the packer game last night when i was bored, and just had to do it. Carl Long is the signiture this is a .tga file so you can use it with both cup and bgn mod if you want. If anyone can get me a render please let me know thanks. Credits: MLD, MRD, masgrafx,teamsbr,google,brandsoftheworld,T4G,chevydriver3. Think thats it!?! have a nice day :) -stormy44
2007 Nascar Nextel Cup Schedule - 2007season.ini 766 downloads
Stormblast44 - 6/4/2007 - 2 User Comments - 1.6 kb  
This is the official 2007 Nascar Nextel Cup Schedule as of Today. I put the lap numbers on short so you dont have to run a 4 hour race. For use with the offline season part of the game. Tracks you will need: Daytona_2006 , banked_vegas , martinsville_2005 , and homstead_2k3_pwf. I dont know where i got those tracks though, sorry. Drop this in either your nr2003/series/cup folder or your nr2003/series/simocot folder for the regular cup mod or the COT mod. it should work with both. Thank you and have a great day.
#51 Paul Menard CTS - 51_menards_CTS.rar 765 downloads
Stormblast44 - 4/22/2007 - 4 User Comments - 612.2 kb  
well at least i tried it. lol. credits: MLD,MRD,T4G,botw,teamsbr,google,chevydriver3,masgrafx,tucknut,and magics render shop. thanks :)
#7 Robby Gordon *NAPA AUTO PARTS* - 7_napa_auto_parts_fic.rar 618 downloads
Stormblast44 - 4/16/2007 - 4 User Comments - 591.8 kb  
Yea, thought that this could be a possibility someday, especially now that mikey flipped that car...AND LEFT THE SCENE! anyway credits are : MLD,MRD,MASGRAFX,tucknut,t4g,botw,google,and chevydriver3. thanks! :)
#00 Red Bull CTS Toyota (updated) - 00_redbull_CTS.rar 1004 downloads
Stormblast44 - 3/18/2007 - 4 User Comments - 576.9 kb  
i updated the scheme a bit and got a new render from DTR. masgrafx,mrd,mld,t4g,botw,google,chevydriver3,and l2burn. thanks
#00 Red Bull CTS fictional *2007 tundra* - 00_redbull_CTS.rar 670 downloads
Stormblast44 - 3/11/2007 - 3 User Comments - 576.9 kb  
mld.mrd.masgrafx.bhmotorsports.t4g,botw.google.chevydriver3.magicsrenders. sorry for grey spots in render, dont show up in game
2007 CTS - - 88 Menards/Peak Chevy (fictional) - 88_menards_peak.rar 726 downloads
Stormblast44 - 3/10/2007 - 0 User Comments - 782.6 kb  
i tried going for the real thing but it is to innacurate to call it a real truck, so its a fictional. MLD,MRD,t4g,botw,google,chevydriver3,tucknut,masgrafx, and magics render shop for the credits. you all have a nice day. **TWRL racing league starts tommorow signup today, www.threewideracin.com/twrl **
#47 Ginn Resorts CTS 2007 - 47_ginn_Cts.rar 933 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/22/2007 - 6 User Comments - 540.9 kb  
MLD,mrd,t4g,botw,google,masgrafx,tucknut,chevydriver3,and Magic's render shop. This one is not as good as i hoped but o well, it still works...if someone can do a few renders for me i can paint a few of the toyota's and a few more chevy's and maybe a ford or two. thanks :)
2007 Lester Buildings #07 CTS - 07_timsauter_lester.rar 872 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/20/2007 - 4 User Comments - 696.9 kb  
mld,mrd,masgrafx,tucknut,RSC,rcc,t4g,botw,google,chevydriver3,and magics render shop. I know its not TOO accurate but it works for me, thanks
#31 US. Coast Guard - 31_USCG_2007.rar 553 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/11/2007 - 3 User Comments - 988.4 kb  
this is sort of a "what if cingular was forced to leave RCR deal" i might make a reeses car too if wanted. MRD,mld,msagrafx,t4g,teamsbr,BOTW,and chevydriver3. thank you.
A Possible Online ride of mine..... - TWRL_77_net.rar 520 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/10/2007 - 4 User Comments - 548.5 kb  
i might run this is TWRL, TWRL is thinking of "reforming if you will" i will post a link later. MLD,MRD,masgrafx t4g,botw,google,and chevydriver3
Field Filler / Underdog Fictional #97 - 97_samsonite.rar 585 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/6/2007 - 0 User Comments - 526.8 kb  
MLD,MRD,t4g,chevydriver3,masgrafx,sbr,BOTW,google. I use this offline as a field filler for myself. www.americansimcar.site.with.us forgive me about the render, its my first one in a while. thanks :)
my ASCRL league ride - ascrl2.cup.car 516 downloads
Stormblast44 - 2/3/2007 - 0 User Comments - 473.6 kb  
mld,mrd,t4g,masgrafx,zone15,google,BOTW,chevydriver3,and me.if it doesnt match the picture let me know, thanks! www.americansimcar.site.with.us thanks!
#24 Casey Mears Busch Series 07 - 24_natguard.rar 753 downloads
Stormblast44 - 1/21/2007 - 12 User Comments - 728.5 kb  
MLD,MRD,T4G,masgrafx,tucknut,BOTW,google,RCC,chevydriver3. didnt spend much time on it so go easy on me, thanks. www.americansimcar.site.with.us thanks
#77 Jasper Engines DODGE CHARGER - 77_jasper.rar 1138 downloads
Stormblast44 - 1/15/2007 - 9 User Comments - 646.1 kb  
MLD,MRD,T4G,BOTW,z15,masgrafx,chevydriver3,google,ryan for render, and Baumsg48 for the jasper logos. thanks. comments? will post a Dodge Avenger version if wanted.
NFTA chevrolet (#74) - 74_nfta.rar 341 downloads
Stormblast44 - 1/12/2007 - 0 User Comments - 787.6 kb  
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