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since 6.4.1996

Username: Robo
First Name: Robby Last Name: Bannister
E-mail: Roboracing2012@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location: South Carolina
Hobbies: spending time with family Web Page:
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#25 Summit Racing chevy - 25Summitt.cup.zip 783 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 0 User Comments - 275.9 kb  
This is a summit racing car I did recently. let me know what you think. -Robo
#5 Captain America Alt. - 5CaptAm.cup.zip 791 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 0 User Comments - 277.5 kb  
Here is the Terry Labonte version of the Capt. America car. Pretty much the same scheme has the 24, just red,white, and blue. Comments welcomed. -Robo
BP Amoco Pontiac - 27BP.cup.zip 738 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 0 User Comments - 211.5 kb  
This is a BP car I just recently painted. I thought it turned out pretty cool. Comments welcomed. -Robo
Oakely Sunglasses Ford - oakley10.cup.zip 752 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 0 User Comments - 307.0 kb  
oops! forgot to load the pic the first time.-sorry comments welcomed. -Robo
Oakley Sunglasses Ford Mustang - oakley10.cup.zip 862 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 0 User Comments - 307.0 kb  
This is a car I did a while back. I thought it would be cool to use the mustang template. I think has a pretty wild look to it with the multi colored flames. Comments welcomed. -Robo
#24 Captain America/Dupont Alt. - 24CaptAm.cup.zip 772 downloads
Robo - 12/19/2001 - 2 User Comments - 273.8 kb  
I am not a big Jeff Gordon fan, but thought this was a pretty cool car. I didn't want to get to patriotic with the paint scheme(red,white, and blue). I thought that the red and yellow worked pretty well. I have a Terry Labonte version that is metallic blue, red and white. Comments are welcomed. -Robo
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