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Username: hokiegrad
First Name: Gary Last Name:
ICQ: Location: Orlando, FL
Hobbies: NR2003, Kart racing Web Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodiIzpdqzq5BmLC6X4_7dw
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ESPN Dodge Charger (ss.net) - ESPN COT.cup.car 160 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/17/2008 - 0 User Comments - 568.8 kb  
The first (purely) fictional I have done in a while. Credits: temp-ss.net, base including diamond plate-deadpool, numbers-abuchl, contigs-trg, bpillar-drinksocko. Comes with pit crew, driver and ratings. No particular inspiration, just redo-ing one of my favorite old fictional cup paints from little over a year ago.
Bill Elliott Bristol Fall 2008 - Elliott fall 08.cup.car 278 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/14/2008 - 3 User Comments - 421.1 kb  
Here is the car that Bill Elliott will drive at Bristol this fall. Credits: base-me, numbers-mas, logos-google, congtigs-trg, bpillar-bman. Crew is from the default that comes with the ss.net mod for the 21 car. Comes with driver and ratings. I have added the numbers on the head and tail lights since the render. Enjoy!!
2005 Mike Bliss Net Zero-Best Buy Retro COT (ss.net) - 05 mike bliss.cup.car 191 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/12/2008 - 1 User Comments - 447.2 kb  
Here is a car that was requested, but I am sharing with all. Hope you like it. It is a COT version of the car Mike Bliss drove in 2005. Credits: Base-me, numbers-mas, logos-google, contigs-trg, b-pillars-chevydriver, temp-ss.net, pit crew-original from game of the 2003 net zero car. Comes with driver and ratings as well. Comments!?!?
Nascar Legends Retro COT car set (ss.net) - Legends car set 1 by hokiegrad.zip 665 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/6/2008 - 10 User Comments - 7,966.7 kb  
Here is a car set of almost all my retro COT's that I have done so far. 13 cars in all(that was the most I could do and stay under the 8mb limit). Credits: deadpool-some bases, logos and numbers, mas-numbers,logos, and driver sigs, mrd-numbers and driver sigs, dustman and JrsRusty-Pontiac temps, ernhrtfanracing, BOTW, google. Each of these cars have been posted over the last several months and specific credits are there. Some of these have been updated since they were originally posted. The renders here show their current state, exactly as you get them. Set includes: Rusty Wallace, Terry and Bobby Labonte, Earnhardt, Jarrett, Pearson, Kyle Petty, Martin, Jeff Gordon, Elliott, Rudd, and Yarborough. Enjoy, and comments please.
1984 Terry Labonte retro COT (ss.net) - TLabonteretro.cup.car 261 downloads
hokiegrad - 8/4/2008 - 3 User Comments - 628.9 kb  
Here is my next retro COT, Terry's 1984 Cup winning Piedmont car. Credits: Base-me, piedmont logo-deadpool (thanks for that!), numbers-mrd, contigs-trg, all other logos-google. Comes with pit crew, ratings, and driver. Comments!
Elliott Sadler 2000 Virginia Tech retro COT (ss.net) - sadler vt cot.cup.car 215 downloads
hokiegrad - 7/31/2008 - 1 User Comments - 578.1 kb  
This is my retro COT version of the car that Elliott Sadler drove at the fall Richmond race in 2000. The small pics are of the actual car. This is one of my favorite schemes. I am not exactly a fan of CITGO, but I had to keep true to the original car. I posted the cup version (99.9% accurate)of this car about a year ago so if you want to see it, just click on my name and scroll back. Credits: base-me, numbers-me, temp-ss.net, logos-google. Contigs-trg. Comes with crew, you set the ratings. Comments?
David Pearson retro COT (ss.net) - Pearson retro.cup.car 302 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/31/2008 - 5 User Comments - 547.2 kb  
Next in my retro COT series, loosely based on the early 1970's David Pearson Purolator cars. Base-me, numbers-mas, Purolator logo-botw, contigs-trg, b-pillars-chevydriver3. Comes with pit crew and ratings. Render by ernhrtfanracing.com. Comments? To see my other cars, just click on my name. Then click on "comments" to see the pics. Anyone have any recommendations for the next retro car?
Kyle Petty retro COT(ss.net) - KPetty retroCOT.cup.car 255 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/29/2008 - 0 User Comments - 922.6 kb  
Next in my little retro COT series that i have going on....K.P.'s early 1990's Mello Yello ride. Credits: Pontiac temp by dustman at simracingdesign (found on this site), numbers, MY, and CAT logos-MAS, other logos-google, contig-trg, bpillar-chevydriver. I didn't put a signature over the door because that is what he does now. I have heard that is because he now runs his son's number and doesn't put his own name over the door as a tribute to his son. Comes with pit crew and ratings. Comments please.
Bill Elliott retro COT (ss.net) - Elliott retro.cup.car 300 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/26/2008 - 1 User Comments - 506.1 kb  
Next retro COT, Bill Elliott's 1985 scheme. Credits: Base-me, number-deadpool, Coors logo-idk(sorry), contigs-trg, b-pillars-chevydriver3, signature-botw, rest of logos-Google. Comes with pit crew, but I don't know who made it. You do the ratings. Enjoy! Comments!?!?!?
Ricky Rudd retro COT(ss.net) - Rudd retro COT.cup.car 317 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/23/2008 - 2 User Comments - 602.4 kb  
Next in my retro COT series, Ricky Rudd's mid 1990's Tide car. This is one of my favorite schemes of all time. Credits: base-me, numbers and tide logo-mas, other logos-botw, driver sig-botw, contigs-trg, b-pillars-chevydriver3. Comes with crew. You do the ratings.
Cale Yarborough retro COT (ss.net) - Cale retro COT.cup.car 346 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/20/2008 - 7 User Comments - 587.9 kb  
Next in my retro COT series - the Cale Yarborough Hardee's car. Based on his 83-84 scheme. Comes with crew - you do the ratings. Credits: base-me, numbers-me, hardees and coke logos-mas, other logos-google, contigs-trg. Comments?!?!
Rusty 1995 retro COT (ss.net) - Rusty 1996 COT.cup.car 284 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/19/2008 - 4 User Comments - 958.9 kb  
Here is the next car in my retro COT series, based on Rusty Wallace's 1994-95 MGD Thunderbirds, good 'ol "midnight." Credits: temp-ss.net, base-me, numbers and logos-all on one logo sheet that I think I got from here, but I am not sure who made it, contigs-trg, b-pillar-chevydriver3. Comes with pit crew. I haven't been putting ratings on these retro cars. I figure I will leave it up to you to decide how well they should run. To see my other cars, just click on my name (above).
Jeff Gordon retro COT (ss.net) - gordon retroCOT.cup.car 358 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/15/2008 - 2 User Comments - 634.2 kb  
This is unbeleivable. I finished this last night, and I was just waiting for my Labaonte car to roll off the recent uploads page when someone else posted almost the same thing. LOL. Mine is loosely based on his 1995 logo scheme, the first year he won the Cup. Oh well...my credits are: DeaDPool for base, mas for numbers, BOTW for Dupont logos, other logos found with google, contigs by trg, b-pillars by chevydriver3, sig from mrd(I think). Comes with pit crew borrowed from another car file.
Bobby Labonte Retro COT (ss.net) - labonte retro.cup.car 307 downloads
hokiegrad - 5/12/2008 - 6 User Comments - 545.3 kb  
Next in my retro COT series, Bobby Labonte. Loosely based of his 1997 ride. Credits: base by deadpool, number and int bat logo by mas, contigs by trg, all other logos found on google or botw, b-pillar by chevydriver3, sig from botw as well, temp by simracingdesign. Comments?!?!
Dale Jarrett retro COT (ss.net) - jarrettretroCOT.cup.car 304 downloads
hokiegrad - 4/28/2008 - 4 User Comments - 450.1 kb  
Next in the retro COT series...Dale Jarrett, based on the year he won the championship, 1999. Credits, Base: DeadDPool modified by me to fit the ss mod, numbers and logos from mas and google, b-pillars by chevydriver, contigs by trg. Comments?!?!
Mark Martin Valvoline retro (ss.net) - Martin retroCOT.cup.car 374 downloads
hokiegrad - 4/25/2008 - 3 User Comments - 493.6 kb  
Next car in my "retro COT series." Based on early 90's Mark Marin Valvoline cars. Base from DeaDPool racing. Numbers and large logos from Mas, contigs from trg, b-pillar chevydriver3, Signature from MRD. Comes with ratings. Comments?!?!?
Days of Thunder #18 (ss.net) - hardees dot.cup.car 379 downloads
hokiegrad - 4/22/2008 - 3 User Comments - 1,654.6 kb  
Here is the DOT Russ Wheeler Hardees car for the ss.net mod. This one "completes the set" considering the Superflo car that comes with the mod, and the other cars uploaded here by 20champ08. Comes with pit crew by me, and ratings. Credits; base by me, numbers by DeaDPool, Hardees and Hendrix logos by mas, Contigs from bman, b-pillars by chevydriver, temp by ss.net. Render by Ten0r's Render shop. Comments?
Travis Kvapil Phoenix Sprint Cup 2008 (ss.net) - kvapilpheonix .cup.car 505 downloads
hokiegrad - 4/13/2008 - 8 User Comments - 1,421.0 kb  
Here is Travis' car from last nights Phoenix race. Comes with pit crew, ratings, and painted driver. Credits go to ss.net, Mas, bman, trg, and google. Base by me. This is as accurate as I can get it (little pic from Ford Racing web site and what I saw last night is all I really had to off of). I think it is pretty close. Comments please!
Hi Steel (N1) Fictional - ss.net - HiSteel.cup.car 234 downloads
hokiegrad - 4/3/2008 - 3 User Comments - 1,754.0 kb  
This is inspired by a fictional car that came with the old N1 racing game(small pic of original car). Credits: temp by ss.net, numbers and hi steel logo by me, all other logos from mas or google, chrome under layer by johan, rest of base by me, b-pillars by chevydriver3, contigs by trg. Comes with pit crew. Comments please.
Hard Rock Cafe/Cabo Wabo Ford Fusion (ss.net) - hard rock cabo .cup.car 270 downloads
hokiegrad - 3/27/2008 - 5 User Comments - 1,747.8 kb  
Fictional of course. Comments please. #71 for the year HRC was founded. Driver named Sammy Hagar since he started Cabo Wabo Tequila. Comes with pit crew, driver, and ratings. Credits: temp by ss.net, base by newkid, numbers by mas, b-pillars by chevy driver 3, fender contigs by trg, side contigs by bman, small logos by xstream, rest of logos from google. Enjoy!
Earnhardt retro COT (SS.net) - dale retro cot.cup.car 449 downloads
Hokiegrad - 3/21/2008 - 3 User Comments - 555.7 kb  
I haven't seen where anyone has done this car yet for SS.net, so I did it. This one is actually a mixture of his '85-'87 schemes. Everyone seems to be all over doing the 2008 cars before I can get to them, so I think I am going to do some of these retro cars for the SS.net mod for a while. Credits for this car: Temp by ss.net; wrangler, goodwrench, and snap-on logos, and number by mas; 2008 contigs from this site(if they're yours, please take credit); other misc logos from google. Comes with pit crew.
Microsoft Zune Ford Fusion (ss.net) - zune COT.cup.car 252 downloads
hokiegrad - 2/18/2008 - 3 User Comments - 1,619.3 kb  
This is an update to the Zune cup car I posted last year. I just turned it into a COT. Credits: Temp-ss.net, base-me, logos-google, number-don't remember(sorry), contigs-rgb, b-pillars-chevydriver3. Comes with pit crew. Awesome render by Scott at ernhrtfanracing.com
Sirius Satellite Radio COT (ss.net) - sirius COT.cup.car 480 downloads
hokiegrad - 1/15/2008 - 3 User Comments - 1,239.0 kb  
Fictional, of course. Just something I came up with using a base posted here a while back by Johan. Logos from google and mas, numbers by me, temp and contigs by ss.net. Comes with pit crew. Driver name is "Mongo Rawdog." Mongo for the nickname DW gave this sponsor a few years back, and Rawdog for one of the Sirius comedy channels. Also, the number of the car in-game is 128 for the NASCAR channel on Sirius, and also to not conflict with any other 28 cars you may already have! Comments?!?!!
Rusty Wallace Kodiak Pontiac COT (ss.net) - 89RustyCOT.cup.car 369 downloads
hokiegrad - 1/10/2008 - 8 User Comments - 525.8 kb  
I don't think anyone has done this car for the ss.net mod yet so here is the scheme that Rusty drove to a championship in 1989. This is for the ss.net mod. Pontiac template by Jrsrusty_81 (contigs in front of fender came from that temp as well). The more retro contigs I found all over the web, so thanks to google. Numbers from someone on this site. Comes with pit crew(a borrowed one from another car file). Comments?
XS Energy Drink COT (SS.net) - xsenergy.cup.car 284 downloads
hokiegrad - 12/25/2007 - 2 User Comments - 1,407.4 kb  
My brother-in-law markets this cool great tasting energy drink, so I figured I would make a car for him. Comes with pit crew. Logos from BOTW and google, contigs from trg, base from mas, b-pillar from chevydriver3, idk where I got the numbers. Comments?
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