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Username: RenaultFan
First Name: Scott Last Name: Morris
ICQ: Location: New Jersey
Hobbies: Web Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SM-Paints/247687108625319
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Possible 2008 Gilliland freecreditreport.com - CYK_38_COT07.cup.car 562 downloads
RenaultFan - 2/3/2008 - 5 User Comments - 1,453.6 kb  
Got it done quicker than I thought, colors based off Gilliland's Busch car from 2007. Base from rainbowpaintdesigns.net, numbers from numberset at Magrafx's as well as MAC Tools and Safety Kleen logos, cont from TRG, and other logos from from various search engines. Includes pitcrew and driver ratings. This will overwrite the unsponsored car I did.
Fictional Energizer Dario Franchitti 2008 - PPR_40_COT07.cup.car 573 downloads
RenaultFan - 2/2/2008 - 6 User Comments - 1,289.5 kb  
Read on jayski that Energizer may sponsor the 40 car for the first 5 or 6 races, so decide to do this. Energizer bunny and logos by DeadPool0088 as well as lighting base, 40 number and Ganassi Racing logo from masgrafx, cont and Charger template from TRG, citgo splash from SRD, and other logos from google. Includes pitcrew and driver ratings. Will upload David Gilliland freecreditreport.com #38 car tommorrow.
Possible 2008 Kvapil-Gilliland- Yates Racing cars - Yates 2008.rar 690 downloads
RenaultFan - 1/27/2008 - 2 User Comments - 2,177.8 kb  
Got tried of seeing 2 M&M's cars (Kyle's and David's) so heres my take on the Yates cars for 08. Could be possible since I haven't heard anything on sponsors. Template by ss.net, numbers from Masgrafx, cont. from Magrafx and here. Fender cont. from TRG, other small cont. from google. Yates logos from sponsoryates.com and motorsport.com. Includes pitcrew and driver rating.
R. Smith 2008 01 Principal Financial Fictional - 01_R.Smith.cup.car 683 downloads
RenaultFan - 1/17/2008 - 4 User Comments - 1,465.4 kb  
Heard on jayski that Principal would be parmary sponsor for some races so here what I came up with. Base by me, cont. modified from MasGrafx, DEI logos and 01 number also from MasGrafx, DEI stripes from MRD, Coors Pole and Sprint Cup logos from here, Principal logo by Muddslide18 as well as the Principal site and other logos from goggle, temp from SS.net. Car come with pitcrew and driver ratings, enjoy. Also in the pic the rear wing endplates don't have the DEI logos but the car does have them. I forgot to add them when I made the pic.
Martin/Smith 01 US ARMY Chevy's (NNC 07 MOD) - 01 Army cars.zip 761 downloads
RenaultFan - 6/20/2007 - 0 User Comments - 752.5 kb  
Here is the 01 cars for Mark Martin and Regan Smith for the NNC07 MOD from superspeedway.net I made awhile back and saw that they haven't been done yet so I thought I'd release it. Numbers by MRD. Logos from MRD and google.
Updated Denny Hamlin COT (dannisbit mod) - 2007_Hamlin_COT.cup.car 932 downloads
RenaultFan - 5/8/2007 - 1 User Comments - 441.2 kb  
Updated the car by adding orange to the splitter, changed chevy logo in front from white to orange, change FedEx logo on decklid, brackets holding wing changed to orange and added Impala logo behind the rear window
Clint Bowyer's COT(dannisbit mod) - Bowyer_COT.cup.car 763 downloads
RenaultFan - 5/8/2007 - 1 User Comments - 474.2 kb  
Credits same as Hamlin car, Google and MRD. Plan on fixing issues with Hamlin car then I'll do Team Red Bull.
Denny Hamlin's COT for (dannisbet mod) - Hamlin_COT.cup.car 833 downloads
RenaultFan - 5/8/2007 - 2 User Comments - 438.0 kb  
This looked to be simple so heres Denny's COT car for the (dannisbet mod). FedEx logos and 11 numbers from MRD, temp by Lee5, conting's I forgot where I got them and other logos found from google search. This is my first car for NR2003.
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