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Username: jopajoe
First Name: Joe Last Name: Smith Jr.
ICQ: Location:
Hobbies: Sim and Real Racing Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/morpowar/
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WWF RAW / Smack Down - 02_wwf.cup.zip 718 downloads
jopajoe - 4/7/2002 - 7 User Comments - 99.8 kb  
This is a WWF car that show the split of the raw ans smackdown shows.Sorry about the crappy pictures still waiting on my new video card.Comments welcomed. Thanks, Joe
Jayski's Silly Season Site on all 4 car makes - jayski_cars.zip 702 downloads
jopajoe - 4/4/2002 - 1 User Comments - 330.7 kb  
This are done for the Jayski's silly season website.Same car but done on all 4 car makes since he swaps out his car images everyday.All 4 cars are in this zip.Hope ya all like these.
Pink Floyd The Wall **A Must LooK** - pink_floyd.cup.zip 995 downloads
jopajoe - 4/2/2002 - 4 User Comments - 103.3 kb  
Hello is there anybody out there.My tribute to Pink Floyd the wall.
Adam Petty's nWo Ride - 49_nWo.cup.zip 909 downloads
jopajoe - 3/31/2002 - 2 User Comments - 66.3 kb  
Not much to this car it's pretty simple but then again so was the real car.As a Petty fan i like this car and now with the return of the nWo Thought it would be a good time to do this car.I was thinking of adding a bit more blue to it like the spoiler and lower part of the car.Tell me what ya Think?
Jimmy Spencer Grinch Car - 26_grinch.cup.zip 742 downloads
jopajoe - 3/31/2002 - 0 User Comments - 104.5 kb  
This was the car Jimmy Spencer Drove For The video release of the How The Grinch Stole Christmas.Sorry About the crappy pictures i'll had good shots posted as soon as possable.
#87 DOKKEN Car done by request - 87_dokken.cup.zip 1314 downloads
jopajoe - 3/30/2002 - 1 User Comments - 89.2 kb  
This is a car request after posting my KissArmy Car.
#1 Highlander Dodge - 1_highlander.cup.zip 858 downloads
jopajoe - 3/27/2002 - 1 User Comments - 120.4 kb  
"There can be only one." This car reflects my favorite movies/tv series.
#18 Ea Sports Chevy - 18jroutlaw.cup.zip 2173 downloads
jopajoe - 3/27/2002 - 2 User Comments - 94.2 kb  
Car was done on request for a tiger woods pga game car
#42 Mello Yello Dodge - joe42.cup.zip 1186 downloads
jopajoe - 3/27/2002 - 0 User Comments - 82.2 kb  
My personally favor car the Kyle Petty Drove to bad it was a Pontiac.But i've cured that problem with this replic Dodge version.Hope you like. www.geocities.com/morpowar.com
1972 Petty Enterprises - 43_r_petty_72.cup.zip 1225 downloads
jopajoe - 3/27/2002 - 2 User Comments - 93.7 kb  
This is the paint scheme Richard Petty drove in 1972.Hope you enjoy.
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