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Username: Jrsrusty_81
First Name: Jeremy Last Name: Stanley
E-mail: jrsrustyfan05@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location: Titusville
Hobbies: Painting Web Page: www.stanleysimgraphix.com
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#16 Greg Biffle *New Hampshire* - Greg Biffle.cup.car 590 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 7/5/2007 - 4 User Comments - 408.1 kb  
This car took alot of time to do. With the Pictures i found, i couldn't tell what 2 of them were. The logo behind the dish logo on the rear of car, and the wing logo. I put a logo on the wing that would look like that 1 logo. Thanks mrd, mas, and google for temp, logos, and number. Base by me. B-pillars by chevydriver3. Comments? Cup Physics.
# 95 Pizza Hut Monte Carlo SS - PizzaHut.cup.car 446 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 7/1/2007 - 4 User Comments - 354.7 kb  
I made the COT version about a week ago. Credits go to mrd for base(modified), mas and google for numbers, temp, and logos. Comments? Render by Ten0rplaya04.
#95 Pizza Hut COT - Pizza.cup.car 515 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/29/2007 - 1 User Comments - 386.7 kb  
Thanks mrd for the flame base. Masgrafx & google for logos and numbers. Render by Brandon Walter. I did alittle modification the the flame base. Comments?
#33 Browning Impala COT - Browning COT.zip 454 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/25/2007 - 2 User Comments - 708.6 kb  
Thanks mrd, mas, & google for logos, temp, and number. Thanks Chevydriver3 for the B-pillar, and thanks Ten0rplaya4 for render.Base by me. Comments?
#40 Walgreens Toyota COT - walgreens.cup.car 450 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/23/2007 - 1 User Comments - 389.2 kb  
Ight, first car in a week. thanks mrd, mas, and google image search. thanks ten0rplaya04 for render. I tried to make it a more "realistic" look to the car.
#41 Gatorade Fic. - GatoradeCOT.zip 470 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/15/2007 - 0 User Comments - 789.7 kb  
Thanks to Ten0rplaya04 for render, mrd for #'s, mas & google for logos & template. Comments? Its in tga. form so u can put in either physics
#18 Beck's Impala COT - Becks COT.zip 539 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/13/2007 - 1 User Comments - 714.5 kb  
Thanks mrd, mas, and google for lgos, number, and temp. Thanks Ten0rplaya04 for render. Base by me.
#99 Carl Edwards Fictional (Request) - 07_Carl Eldora.cup.car 565 downloads
Jrsrusty_81 - 6/7/2007 - 9 User Comments - 350.9 kb  
alright ps1709, here is your request. anything needed to be changed, let me know. This base is supposed to look like the one that carl won in at eldora. thanks google image search, and mas for logos, template, and number. Base is mine like usual. Comments?
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