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Title:Zmod Shapes
Posted By:Numerada on January 1, 2005 IP Logged
Hello and Happy New Year!!

I have been gone for a long time and I have started back painting cars again! I painted 2 cars about 2 years ago which can viewed at the below links! I used Zmod to enhance and make them shine a bit. I recently downloaded Zmod again and I am Re-learning how to use it. I am needing assistance in locating some shapes just like the ones I used in the cars that I painted before in the links below. I had much help from a member of this site by the name of "Srpurdy" but not sure if he is still hangin around this site! Any of you know where I can get these shapes or maybe even have them to send to me?? If so, please post a reply or send me a private message, I would much appreciate your help!!


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