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Title:TT Racing announces its second season of Racing in the Past 1988 League
Posted By:A West on October 9, 2004 IP Logged
TT Racing League is proud to announce the second season of the Racing In The Past Series using the Aero88 mod. The first season was a huge success with the high point of the season of a race at Bristol WITH NO CAUTIONS!!!! Season two has a few changes, the major change is that the second season will be run in sim mode instead of arcade. Please check us out at www.ttracingleague.com and sign up today!!!

*30 % Races
*Monday nights, server opens at 5:30 pm central qualifying at 7:00 pm central
*Sim Mode
*Moderate damage
*A Special PPS penalty point system to insure quality racing
*Races are on a dedicated Raceservers.net server to provide quality connections and also prevent cheating using the RS Client (www.raceservers.net)
*Yellow Flags on
*Fixed Setup (Expert)
*70 and sunny
*Weekly highlight videos of the races


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