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Title:RE: 202 in qualifying at dega?????
Posted By:Hal-Cohaul on April 12, 2000 IP Logged
On 4/12/00 7:00:01 PM, burgner_83 wrote:
>hey i have been practicing at taladega for n3 this week and the cars are gettin up to frikin 205 as there lap speed! i can only get up to 201 lap speed! then i qualify and my lap speed was 198 which i thought was good until i saw thats only good enough for 14th while earnhardt pulled at 202 lap speed in qualfying!!! now this aint realistic! now this may be a stupid question but i dont know the answer, did papy take away the restrictor plates at dega for n3???? if so is there away i can put the restrictor plate on? thanx

try turning down the AI percentages before you go onto the track..if the plates were off they would go faster then that...
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