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Title:Straight from the horses mouth.
Posted By:racer72 on April 11, 2000 IP Logged
Last week I called Sierra (local call from where I live) and talked to a gentleman in the marketing department. There reasoning for pushing the Acceleration Pack ahead of the stand alone truck expansion pack was because they felt that there was a large market for the cars and trucks together. Sierra sold over 200,000 copies of NR99 making it the best selling motorsports sim of all time. But sales of NASCAR 3 totaled only around 35,000 so far. They felt a large number of folks were waiting for an all encompassing sim, not just bits and pieces. Plus they felt that the price break offered would also help, especially in the disappointing sales of NASCAR Legends, only 7,000 sold. Depending on how well the Acceleration pack sells, this will determine when the truck add on will be released. My local EB received 12 copies last Thursday and I got the last on Friday afternoon. I don't feel to bad though, I bought N3 for $50 on the day it was released, bought NL last month but never opened the box, received full creadit on NL when I bought the Acceleration pack, just sold my extra N3 for $20 so everything cost me only $80. Plus, as a register purchaser, some addons are going to be released in the future (some new tracks) available only to those registered.
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