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Title:An intersting little tidbit
Posted By:Adam#80 on April 11, 2000 IP Logged
A friend of mine who is an assistant manager at our local Best Buy and also has close ties with our local Babbages just recently told me that the demand for the Truck pack sold alone is in HIGH DEMAND. They receive phone calls daily about it and many people are VERY upset. He said they were suprised when Sierra told them that the truck pack wouldn't be shipped as a seperate item after they were told that it would be and expected it. He said the same type of thing is happening at Babbages. Didn't Sierra say that it was the retailers that said they didn't think that it was in high demand?? Two seperate computer chains are claiming that it was Sierra that told them it was not going to be released seperately even after there was significant proof of demand. And yes I do believe these retailers as Sierra is know for deceiving their customers. Man Sierra/Papy are a bunch of scumbags. What a slap in the face for us loyal customers this has been. Oh well, my business with Sierra/Papy is done and I know MANY people who are with me.

Just thought you all would like to know that....even though many of you knew this anyways....it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it.
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