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Title:zmod help
Posted By:Cloak80 on April 27, 2004 IP Logged
I am looking for some help and/or instructions on how to use zmod so I can render my trucks.
I've read the "read me" file but am still totally confused (i'm an idiot lol)

Ok, here's the deal. I'm using PSP7 to paint all my cars and trucks. Now I have a car viewer so I'm good to go with rendering my Busch and Cup cars but I'm completely lost on how to get the truck textures into the zmod viewer.

I try to load them (after saving as a .tga file like the read me says) but I keep getting the same error (not a valid .z3 file)

Can someone....anyone give me some detailed step by step instructions on how I get my completed paint scheme from PSP7 into the zmodler so I can see it?

Thanks alot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
email:Cloak80@hotmail.com (put zmod info in subject line if you e mail me)
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