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Title: Daytona AI
Posted By:Werkman_2 on August 16, 2000 IP Logged
I was gettin to thinking, how was that daytona race.bin made.
I compared the richmond AI to the Daytona AI, they were both quite similar. The Daytona AI seemed to perform if there was no draft, they would be able to separate from each other and run as if there was no draft. There wouldnt be big signs of them trying to draft. I have also heard that the demo seemed to be a earlier build. So be4 you jump to conclusions, buy the game at a store where your able to take it back..hehe...but im sure its gona rock..i hope ..hehe..
and also my computer is p3 667mhz, 128 ram, voodoo3...
i get awsome graphics at 37.5 fps...
how much do you think the fps go up if I get a Voodoo5
or is it worth it?
Im afraid to go into different companys..hehe..i stayed with voodoo, but if there is better pls tell me...
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