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Title:The money grab is in progress.
Posted By:racer72 on April 3, 2000 IP Logged
Today at lunch, I posted a message at the Sierra board critical of there sales practices and and wondering where there heads are. About 2 hours later I was going to answer a question about a car file and when I clicked on the submit reply button, I was greeted by a message stating that my password was revoked. I called Sierra right then (local call from my place of employment) and after 25 minutes of phone tag, got ahold of a manager in the promotions department. He told me the reason for pushing the Acceleration pack and holding off the Truck add on was that sales of N3 have taken a severe nose dive the past few months and that sales of NASCAR Legends wasn't near what was anticipated. They feel that many consumers were waiting for something special as a reason to buy one or both of the previously released sims and that by bundling them and selling the whole mess for a special price, sales will rebound. They are basing this on the sales of NR99 of over 100,000 units and sales so far of N3 of 30,000 and NL of 12,000. I tried to explain to the guy the reason N3 isn't selling is because of a few factors. 1 is that 3/4 of the people that bought NR99 probably thought the sim was too complicated and very rarely play it. 2 is that there is still a large group of simheads happy with NR99 and see know reason to switch to N3, especially considering the cost of upgrading a computer to run N3(I spent over $400 just to run N3). And 3, there are already of number of folks who bought N3 as there first sim and were scared off any more because of the problems getting it to run right. Sorry about the long message but I wanted to get the info out.
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