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Title:RE: Should we trust Sierra?
Posted By:Adam#80 on April 3, 2000 IP Logged
On 4/3/00 10:58:50 AM, Beeker46 wrote:
>Thanks Alex, for the scoop on the trucks.....think we as a sim community oughta trust them this time? Perhaps we made enough noise that Sierra/Papyrus finally had to hear it.....I dunno. I guess we will know when we go into the software stores and see that actual product ON THE SHELF. For me, I doubt I will buy N4 when it should come out, I can't afford to keep upgrading my computer everytime just to get a little more 'realism', and no doubt they will find another way to make us pay and pay and pay for something that should have been included the first time around. My fifty bucks will stay safely tucked away in my wallet, to put toward something useful.

Good points Beeker,
I trust Sierra/Papy about as far as I can throw their corperate offices. They will find some way to "purple headed yogurt slinger" us over with n4. I too will not be purchasing it. Papy/Sierra has used up all of their chances with me. I will let the fools buy n4 and laugh at their whining when Papy/Sierra bends them over again....which we know they will

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