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Title:Out of town last weekend, NASCAR Speedpark
Posted By:Alex Santantonio on April 3, 2000 IP Logged
I was out of town this past weekend for my fraternity formal. We made the long 6.6 hour drive (by yahoo's measure, I made it in 5, hehe) down to Gatlinburg, TN, near knoxville. I was so upset that we were down there, that close to Bristol, just 1 week after the race, otherwise I would have forced my girlfriend to go. They have a really cool think down there, it is called NASCAR Speedpark. There are about 8 different go kart tracks and a whole game area, all with a huge NASCAR theme. You can check it out more at http://www.speedpark.com. It was so much fun, they have a 1/4 mile track with really fast cars, you have to be at least 16 and it costs $25, but so worth it. I won in the Terry Labonte car on the final lap. I was leading the entire time but some guy in a 3 car passed me going into turn 1 on the final lap. He bumped me up the track and went low. Now, I've watched and played enough to know what to do here. He carried so much speed into the corner there was no way he could keep it low. So I backed off just a bit, let him have the position, and by the end of turn two I was right beside him on the inside. I got position coming out of four and had him the reast of the front stretch. It was so much fun, I recommend it to anyone.
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