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Title:RE: Denny Hoffmann
Posted By:Denny Hoffmann on April 2, 2000 IP Logged
On 4/1/00 4:43:24 PM, Hank Kimball wrote:
>Would you consider using your skills to make an early 80s car body for the N3?

I really dont have the time..I have alot of studies and tests coming up.I looked at the n3 car stucture..same and different as n99 car..they really polluted it some with all extra skin for light reflection.Its too much of of an undertaking and I do alot of research before I would attempt to drastically change the n3 car.I thought about adding some improvements to the existing car..but I really dont have the time.If I did have the time it would be for the present WC carbody,but since the new sims {Heat..plaease be good}will be out hopefully after the summer it wouldnt be worth it.I thank you for asking ,however.

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