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Title:Site praise..General Sierra Bitching
Posted By:Backmarker on April 1, 2000 IP Logged

I have been away for a month, what a change. Great job on the site Alex! As far as Sierra goes:

1) It started with the Gpl format change. I stated before the computer system was B.S. When N1 came out no system could run it full out.

2) What they do give in the way of a "new" sim they also take alot of things away.

3) Moderators: I e-mailed Sierra regarding Craig removing anything to do with Daytona and Gary. I told them the moderators are deleting for personal reasons and they should have disclosed this. As they are still the moderators with no real apology given, I have not posted on their board and won't. Like Alex said why go there and hope you get posted when you can stay here and have no problem.

4) We are all suckers, we the ones who purchased all the sims with the hope the big D track will come our way. How are we rewarded..Lets give Dayonta in a demo at the track in limited quanties. I am glad for one that everyone got this thing out on the net.

5) Now the truck deal.

I just hope someone takes a good shot at them because they need to be taught a lesson.

Thanks again Alex for giving me a place to "female dog" without fear of being banned.
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