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Title:Hello, is this working??????????
Posted By:HELP!!! on April 1, 2000 IP Logged
Is this message getting through? Lets try again. If this does get through, couple of problems. 1. I logged on at the main page but here I am getting a message above this box stating I am "Posting as a Guest". Why? 2. I tried to add a reply to the message about the user upload library. I can't get to the user upload page either. My computer tries for a minute then I get the IE unable to connect page. I have a program called Net Wizard that can tell me why I have connection problems and it says the link has invalid URL properties, what ever that means. Well, lets try again to see if this message gets through.
No, now I get an error message that says my username or email is already registered to a user. I know, I am that registered user. Maybe I can sneak in my username. This is racer72 lost in the message board purgatory. Can someone get me out?
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. * Hello, is this working?????????? HELP!!!
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