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Title:RE: A Wise Sim Racer Once Said
Posted By:Matt3fan on March 31, 2000 IP Logged
I couldnt agree more Jas, I remember the first time I found Indy for nascar 2 the 2nd day I had Dialup internet i almost crapped a brick!! even though it was only an icr1 convert i had never seen it before. then i found more, CARS cars galore!! no one BIG site like the pits or simcyber, but lotsa lotsa small sites, 1000's of links on this one page called columbo or somethin like that, the old sim-racing.com that had tons of tracks and utils, the green flag, i could go on, but now its much different, its evolving much like NASCAR has, maybe in a bad way, but i really like what Alex has done here, and you as well, jas you have it so we can upload filez to you guys :) i think thats cool for those who dont have the time or whatever to make a site.

I still wish it was the way it was before no complaining, just good utils and cars etc....

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