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Title:A Wise Sim Racer Once Said
Posted By:LFJason on March 31, 2000 IP Logged
I got this from one of the "old guys" in the sim community.

"back in the day" there were sites like pitroad and northwest racing
robinson racing these were the some of the best that are now deseced because
of idiots in one form or another we've seen our share of a-holes that ruin
it for everybody people that have change from good to bad and from bad to
good. just a couple years ago there wouldnt be a day where there wouldnt be a
update or two somewhere always friendly people on the message boards no
problems 3-4 years later what in the hell has happen the biggest worry 3
years ago was getting paint schemes done in time for the start of the season
and only a few people were editing tracks and that was when we could only
edit mips now its 3do and more. i remember the first time i ever went to BB&B
thinking what in the hell is all this about new tracks for n2 then i realized
how much better we are getting at editing the game how we wanted it..from
then on there seemed to be fights at boards over who did this and that who
gets credit all for their name remembered as being the guy that did this...
was it really that important??? i dont know to them maybe ive been in and
out of the sim community for 3years i always check up on things but i hardly
post we've come from the n1 conversion of tally-tona to actually having a
REAL daytona and its like 3 years ago we never imagened a n3 with a
downloaded authentic daytona but when i thought about what'd happen next..i
never thought about how much bs goes on the boards now ive seen new people
come and old people go and i gotta say i liked it the way it was...im young
myself but i am mature enough to realize that this is true
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