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Title:RE: Vig's Aussie Supercars (Preview)
Posted By:(riminy on September 20, 2002 IP Logged
That's cool, you can post it if you want. You could mention my part in it on the page you post it on, but that's more than some sites give so I won't hold you to it. You can get the original at http://www.members.optushome.com.au/criminy/ , but like I said it's only for N4. Converting it to NR2002 basically involves resizing the layers to fit the shape, and I didn't have any part (or knowledge) in that. Ta,


On 9/19/2002 5:03:15 PM, Vigilante wrote:
>I'm not looking to offend anyone and I certainly want to give credit where it's due. If it's your template (riminy (which it may be), is it OK for me to post it? I'll give you proper credit when I post the complete set. I received the template from a friend who lives in Austrailia, I got them as .bmp files (NO LAYERS)and had to convert them for use. Maybe you could send me the full template so that I know I'm using your template without any modifications by me. Thanks for letting me know who did these, you did a great job.
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