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Title: Here's a little car contest.
Posted By:chris44b.jones on September 14, 2002 IP Logged
Here I'm afrid I need a ride BADLY! Since I wont be around on weekdays and will be camping next week (for Dover race) this gives you until Septemer 27th to have it done and turned in. If ya could e mail me the car in .car format ONLY. And post it too. Here's the car details. #00 Ditch Witch 2003 Pontiac (or 2002 Pontiac if ya cant use a 2003) and also put Boomhauer (from King of the Hill) on the drivers side door next to the number not too big though! Have fun and no porn logos either. Rememer you have 2 weeks to do this! Thanks to all.
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. * Here's a little car contest. chris44b.jones
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