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Title: My thoughts on your thoughts: Beeker
Posted By:hckynut on June 19, 2000 IP Logged
On 6/17/00 11:47:45 PM, Beeker46 wrote:
>WHen I see the word 'digital' used with a wheel, I shudder....why? Okay, so it was Thrustmaster, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth....talking, of course, of the Pro Digital, my $80 error in judgement.
>Here is my take on all this analogue/digital stuff....
>Analogue controllers are just plug it in, calibrate it and go... while digital controllers usually use some form of software to operate (correct me if I'm wrong, but that is my assumption). I tend to see it in the way Ted Nugent does toward music, he doesn't like a lot of fancy electronics between his guitar and the speakers, it messes up the signal. I figure the software may mess with the signal and give you erroneous feedback. Perhaps not all controllers are like Stallmaster's wheel (oop, I meant Thrustmaster...)but when you have to rely on software (which can be corrupted), you're just asking for trouble. I would only want to worry about broken springs and bad pots, not corruptable software or a bad software driver too.

Beeker, glad to see your thoughts on this topic. As i mentioned in my reply just because something is called DIGITAL doesn't mean it is synonomous with BETTER. I'm sure if you were to canvass the racers that are running the fastest in league racing or any racing for that matter, very few are doing it with DIGITAL. I realize DIGITAL wheels are relatively new in comparison with the analog wheels, but i wouldn't bet my house on DIGITAL ever catching up and surpassing what is now considered the best. End of my thoughts on your thoughts.
One more thing, you know me pretty well and i've been accussed of many things, but not too often is it said "he doesn't know what he is talking about". lol!! Have a good one and keep savin and you too one day will have that almighty wheel. J.J.
P.S. Just an afterthought:
All of my clocks, watches and anything else i own that is available in analog i buy in analog. Ever see an analog clock blinking after a power surge at your house or ever forget how to twist the knob on your analog watch to set the time. I know many that can't set this digital watches and clocks, but few that can't set analog. I'm up with the times as you know, but i do have preferences and it doesn't always have to be something that reads everything in numbers that works best for me.
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