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Title:NO GLIDE, wait!
Posted By:Jocko Flocko on March 30, 2000 IP Logged
I am having problems with it, It runs in D3D 3dfx, but not glide.
I bought Superbike 2000, which is in my opinion one of the best games i have ever seen for graphics, man it is cool!, So i was under the impression that since EA had a good thing going with that type of graphics engine, they would use the same in F1 2000 so i dwnlded it, NOT! well at least the version i have doesn,t, thank god for warez, and thank god I didnt buy it! I am running a P3 450 with 2 V2 12M cards in SLI with 256M ram, and the game almost freezes up when in a race!, But with Superbike 2000 i can run in 1024*768 with EVERYTHING ON!, and still get great framrates. Until they come out with a glide patch, I would wait.
or it could just be my warez version, who knows, it is a version 1.0.

Microsoft D3D sucks, Power to 3DFX!
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