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Title:Indianapolis Speeds
Posted By:Adam#80 on March 29, 2000 IP Logged
Hi all,

I was wondering what a good COMPETITIVE speed is for online racing at Indy. Now I don't care about fastest "my "purple headed yogurt slinger" is bigger than your "purple headed yogurt slinger""speeds, just what the competitive range is. I did some testing at Indy a little while ago and I was running VERY SMOOTH, comfortable, well handling laps at 174.5xx-175.5xx....I KNOW there are people going faster but most of those are people hellbent in having the fastest times with loose, ill-handling cars and start lap 1 wrecks because they can't control their poorly RACE setup cars. I would appreciate any feedback you guys may have on competitive laps speeds at Indy. Again, this is NOT to find out the fastest speeds ever run but speeds that are often ran commonly by smooth, well-handled drivers who finish most of the races.

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