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Title:RE: Another question about AI patches
Posted By:Adam#80 on March 29, 2000 IP Logged
On 3/29/00 9:54:33 AM, Denny Hoffmann wrote:
>On 3/29/00 9:06:34 AM, rhamm wrote:
>>There is an lp editor that works with N3, it's the LPEdit 4.5 by Robert Szikzo and can be downloaded at simcyberworld. What I meant was there is no released replay to lpedit 4.5 for N3. Robert doesn't have N3 so he can only do it from replays that others send him and since only one person took him up when he wanted people to test his beta replay to lp edit for N3 it's been slow going for him.
>In n99 the guys who did the best AI{CCG}used the replays to make the AI run better lines,etc.Since Papy in their wisdom,or their attempt to stop people from again editing anything ,changed the replay,so the old tools were no longer useable.There's only one guy I know that can turn out top notch ,hard driving AI.He has to do it thru excel.

It's sooooo nice to see that Papy decides to continue to make their games with drunk, retarded, unrealistic AI and now makes it so we are stuck with them. Just another reason why the truck pack will be my last Sierra/Papy sim purchase. What a crock. If these meatheads would make decent AI then we wouldnt have a reason to fix it. Can't wait until Papy/Sierra fall to the bottom of the sim market because that is exactly what they are doing.
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