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Title:RE: Texas+NASCAR+March=Rain
Posted By:Denny Hoffmann on March 29, 2000 IP Logged
On 3/29/00 9:06:42 AM, HD Rick wrote:
>Well, the DirectTV 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway is upon us, and once again, it looks like rain will factor its way into this weekend somehow. This is the fourth year for this race and rain has played a role every year in some way. Fortunately, the WC race hasn't been interrupted by rain. But the Busch race, qualifying, happy hours, practice have all been affected in the past. It's enough to drive one mad. Maybe TMS should switch dates with Phoenix. Not much rain here in October/November.
>Okay. I'm done complaining. Just wanted to vent a little, if for no other reason than just to make me feel better. Thanks for the lattitude.
>ps. For those who are curious, the speedway is located quite a ways north of downtown Ft. Worth so it was safe from last night's tornado.
>HD Rick

Yea last nite was the first time since the tornado hit here in Desoto,and wiped out most of Lancaster's historic downtown about 6 years ago..we had to take cover under the stairs .The city tornado alarm went off ..the weather guy said take cover NOW!We were in the way of the hook on the outside of the storm cell.
Luckily it passed over us with just a brief shower and wind..but for those 5 min..man it was tense.Hopefully it will be like this Sunday as it is today..sunny and not a cloud in the sky
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