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Title: DEI_Raceway problem is in the folders...
Posted By:tostoli on July 1, 2002 IP Logged
Hi Folks,
OK,,You click on the DEI_Raceway folder and whats in there?? another DEI_Raceway folder.., that is the problem most people are having with it. Simple instructions are as follows.::

unzip the DEI_Raceway folder to the tracks folder and add the "rest of the files" folder that is at the site also.

OK heres the key,,, open the first DEI_Raceway folder and copy the one thats inside to the tracks folder, it will ask you "do you want to replace the one that exists?", say yes.

Then you copy the lacrosse.cam and .dat files to that DEI_Raceway folder and rename them both to DEI_Raceway.dat and .cam .

youre done.
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