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Title:Another question about AI patches
Posted By:Adam#80 on March 29, 2000 IP Logged
I know I posted before about this and received a reply back by Rhamm who said there is no released .lp editor so that doing this would be hard and not too viable. Well I have seen over 10 different AI fixes for Talladega and a few for Daytona and a few for Atlanta and one for Darlington so there must be an editor available or people who can do this. I know that there were hundreds of AI updates for n99 and I have no idea why this hasn't been the case for n3. Most people (including me) think the AI are unplayable so why no changes?? It would be greatly appreciated if someone would do this. I understand it must take a great deal of time and if I had the know how I would do this myself. I hope someone will start on this soon.

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