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Title:Craig at Sierra cracks me up
Posted By:Adam#80 on March 28, 2000 IP Logged
He has the testicular fortitude to call other people inconsiderate?? LOL, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?? One thing I have notoced though, you don't see him complementing Puppyfish Jonesy much anymore. Damn communists anyways. And that is okay if Craigy sees this because he banned me months ago for telling the truth. The Three Stooges over at Sierra don't enjoy hearing the truth, or as Jack Nicholson would say "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!" Sierra could save alot of time and room in the Guidelines. rules, manifesto, or whatever you want to call it by simply stating: "Our moderators reserve the right to decide whose and what opinions deserve to be said and made. They are Gods and much be treated as such. They will mask the truth or valid statements as they see fit and decide what posts to leave up on the board based on their personal beliefs and having no consideration for anything that anyone else says. Thank you for visiting Sierra's Communist Pit Stop live from Havana, Cuba"
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