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Title:Great Looking Site....Need Help.
Posted By:VolsRacer on March 28, 2000 IP Logged
Alex, the new site layout is great as I'm sure the content will be when its underway. Keep up the nice work.

Now for my problem. I have a Saitek R4 Force Wheel that has been good for about 16 months. But, now the pedal pots are wearing out. The only problem is that Saitek won't sell me the pots or give me the info to by them commercially. They want to charge me for fixing it (the warranty is up too). I don't want to do this. Fixing it is not a problem for me if I can just locate the right pot. Does anyone out there know what brand pot a CS 230 is? Its a 100K ohm single turn pot but the mounting arrangement is the critical part. My local electronics distribs can't match it (they sell mainly industrial components). If anyone out there has an answer I would sure appreciate it. Thanks for the help. And, as always, call on me anytime when you need help.


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