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Title:Zen Joltis question...
Posted By:scottie007 on May 27, 2002 IP Logged
It doesn't work. I wish the uploader would explain how to get it to work. I downloaded the .exe and unzipped the 4 files. The readme basically explains 1% of how to use it. Can somebody please help me. It says "Could not load the track." and "Cancelling the weekend." And yes, I have N4 not n2002. I downloaded Zen Joltis Fix *FIXED*

Some idiot before posted a stupid reply saying "theuspits.com" that was the whole post. Can someone explain how that can help me cuz the stupid moron didn't explain anything and i said in the first post that I hate when people dont explain things enough for the person to understand. I bet i searched that stupid site for at least a half hour. I had no idea what all those stupid abbreviations meant. It seemed like half the site was abbreviations!
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