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Title:Ancient times...
Posted By:LBRC on March 28, 2000 IP Logged
I have the 1990 version of "Indy 500, The Simulation", which has the field from '89 (go Emmo!!!), and actually, the AI from the 1989 sim is actually better than any AI I have ever driven against in a subsequent Papyrus simulation.... they raced you hard, they pitted competitively (their pit window at Indy was anywhere from 32-36 laps, which was the best your car could do), and they didn't run into the side of your car for no reason, either!!!
Of course, some things that HAVEN'T changed are that the random wrecks are caused by a car just spinning by itself, sometimes on the straights... when traffic grouped up, they couldn't break apart (I once had 19 lap cars 0.6 seconds in front of me after green flag pit stops becuase they all clumped up and the slow cars kept racing... keep in mind there were only 33 cars on the track)...
Although I probably won't see NASCAR 4 except on a demo, I would hope for the good of the software industry that they incorporate a more realistic AI... I only own NASCAR 1 right now, and my gameplay is as good as you NASCAR 3 owners experience, it just isn't as pretty... and as long as software writers fail to realize what SIMULATION means, I will refuse to merely upgrade the graphics of my NASCAR "simulation"...
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