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Title:RE: About Alex
Posted By:hyperacti on June 1, 2020 IP Logged
It's been a minute since I've been on here, but I'm actually here because I've finally, after all these years, and despite my iRacing subscription, gotten into NR2003 (I've been content with NR2002 for the longest time), and am looking for certain files ("that scheme a guy ran once in 2008" is a great description of the type of thing I'm after, haha.) All this to say: yes, individuals like me do exist I suppose, we're out here lol :)

Maintaining the availability of NNR's rich history of file uploads is the #1 thing IMO. Yes the "important" cars that drivers actually ran in real life are available on other websites, but what has always made NNR unique is that anyone could paint and upload anything they want, and so there is a vast body of fictionals, alternates, derivative works, etc. on here that frankly I'm not sure exists anywhere else (there's also a vast body of files for N4 and NR2002, among other things, that doesn't exist anywhere else). And so I'll echo what a few others have said about fixing the search functionality and generally cleaning up things associated with that.

The other thing I would say is important is website security - I don't really know much about the details of what's been plaguing NNR in this regard but some simple things to make the experience here safer / more secure would probably be worthwhile (one thing I see right now for example is that my browser is telling me my connection to the website is not secure).

Lastly, I would suggest that it's important to make sure the historical record of the Simracing community (and NASCAR community to a certain extent) that this website inadvertently provides stays well-preserved: for example there is a large body of discourse that has accumulated over the years on this forum that gives insights into the state of the community and its sport from a time that will otherwise be gradually lost to history. It's a unique resource that race fans (and media!) 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 50 years from now, etc. will be empowered to research and enjoy if it is maintained.

The website doesn't need a redesign or anything fancy or complicated; it just needs to work and to be safe and secure (and resilient to attacks) in my opinion. The design is perfectly useful (when it is working).

Security, availability, preservation - that's how I'd sum it up. We're all race fans, and NNR is part of our collective heritage. I'm willing to be of assistance if help with any projects is needed - if so feel free to reach out, I've become fairly technical over the years :)
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