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Title:NR2003 Offline League Signups
Posted By:kartkid1 on December 19, 2019 IP Logged
So, this is a "developmental series" as most of the members of my league have been in season #1, and the others have been in special races through this year, and are currently in both Cup and Truck series, well...that didn't leave much room for others on the signup sheet. So, this series is for everyone else who missed it, or just wants to try it out

All you have to do, is go to the YouTube link, watch the video, sign up with your first and last name (preferably on the video rather than here..I will keep the page updated though), and car number and boom, you're in!! Also helps if you subscribe to the channel, so you can get updated on when a race is posted! Video link below (also the official website link is below to, doesn't hurt to make an account there, as you will have access to inside info, important info, points, schedules, schedules changes and much more!!)

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