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Title:RE: Cameras
Posted By:TheBrood_ECG on November 29, 2019 IP Logged
On 11/24/2019 9:36:59 AM, jertam wrote:
>On 11/16/2019 12:31:31 PM, TheBrood_ECG
>>On 11/13/2019 6:51:50 PM, jertam wrote:
>>>Getting bored with the same old
>>Used to have a very nice collection of
>>cams but when my old computer went out
>>some 5-6 years ago I lost my collection.
>>Was wondering if anyone out there know
>>any sites that specializes in Track
>>cameras. Use to be a very nice selection
>>of cams on here but when i search for
>>nothing comes up anymore?
>>I know, I get bored of the default
>>too. There are some right here on
>>NNRacing. Go to the "setups" button up
>>and they are grouped with the setups for
>>each track. The NR2002 and NR4 camera
>>files listed with some of those tracks
>>will also work with NR2003.
>>I don't really know of anywhere else
>>has camera files, I know the old
>>site did a while ago.
>Thanks for the heads up!

You're welcome. You can also take and copy
.cam files from other tracks, for instance
you could technically take the .cam file
from Phoenix and use it for Atlanta. Just
make sure when you rename the file, it
matches the track name or it won't work.
Sometimes it works great and other times
the angles and zoom are all messed up, but
I've found that just taking the 20 seconds
or so to rename it and then go into the
game and look at a saved replay it's very
simple and you can sometimes end up with
some very cool unique views.
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