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Title:RE: My son Jamie.
Posted By:Kazuo on May 15, 2019 IP Logged
If this is legit then thank you for going
to the trouble of doing that. It's much
appreciated and hopefully does the trick.

On 5/15/2019 3:18:37 PM, MEdlebrock1976
>It has come to my attention that my son
Jamie has been causing
>trouble on this website. I caught him
send screen shots of cars
>he has uploaded and the comments of users
that he apparently
>stole cars from to his friends. I looked
around on this site and
>found a forum page with the screen shots
he sent and people
>calling for him to be banned. I apologize
for all the trouble he
>has caused and I will be blocking this
website on every device
>in the house.
>If he figures out any other way to get on
this site please
>message me at
>Best regards, Michael.
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