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Title:PAW SERIES 2019
Posted By:aanewcombe on February 7, 2019 IP Logged
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to update everyone on the PAW Series for the year. The Series will run for 2019, but with some notable changes which can be found below. Thank you
to those that have messaged with your feedback.


Notables for the year:

All that is required to pick is a driver
The amount of points you earn will be the same as the driver earns in the race

Charter drivers
Having a charter driver to represent your pick if you miss a weekend will be more important this year, as it will help determine who "wins the week."

Winning the week
If you are the only picker to pick the winner, you will automatically get bonus credit for winning the week. If another picker, or no picker picks the winner, the
winner of the week will be determined by the best finish by a picker's charter driver. For every weekly win, that will earn you 5 extra bonus points for the

Bonus points for picking every week
As with last year, you will earn 1 bonus point for the playoffs for every pick you make throughout the season for a maximum of 25 bonus points throughout the
regular season

Qualifying for the playoffs
Anyone with 13+ picks over the regular season will continue onto the playoffs, there will be no set number.

Regular Season Champion
As with last year, the Regular Season Champion will earn a 25 point bonus for the playoffs

Eliminations will be limited to Homestead
Breaking apart from the round format in the playoffs, the only elimination will occur after Phoenix in November. The four players with the most wins in the
playoffs will advance to the Championship round. Ties will be broken by weekly wins, then by points scored.

All-Star Race and Memorial Day Weekend
Both events linked with the PAW Series will continue and will be used as regular wins throughout the season.


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
The charter list will be found in a reply to this topic. Hope to have a good year with you all once again!
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