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Title:About PAW SERIES 2019
Posted By:aanewcombe on November 18, 2018 IP Logged
Hello everyone,
I'd like to thank everyone that took part in the PAW Series this year. It's always a joy participating and seeing everyone get involved. :)

As far as next year, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to run things as I have. I've been a part of the PAW Series for 8 years now and have
been primarily running or helping it run for 5 years now and at times it can be a hassle. But, I do enjoy it a lot; and seeing as it's been
officially running for 11 years now (and has roots going back to 2002), I don't want to see that put to history.

If anyone is interested enough in helping out, send me a PM and let me know.
In any case, I'll have an update for you all when Daytona comes.

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