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Title:Paint requests
Posted By:HELLFIRE463 on September 10, 2018 IP Logged
I was wondering if anyone could paint the last 4 cars from
Darlington. #10-Almirola (Smithfield Helping Hungry Homes), Ross
Chastain #15, Paul Menard's Darlington throwback honors Cale
Yarborough, Joey Gase drove the #23 at Darlington with sponsorship
from Agri Supply and a throwback scheme that honored his father,
and Timmy Hill's Darlington throwback honors the scheme Darrell
Waltrip drove during his 2000 Victory Tour.

^reference for what paints

I have made a carset with what was created so far and wanted to be
able to race with the full field in the paints they used.
please and thank you.
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