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Title:PAWTRUCKS 2018
Posted By:aanewcombe on August 23, 2018 IP Logged

Making a return for 2018, I'll be posting
threads for the
Truck Series and Xfinity Series during the
course of their
respective playoffs. In contrast to the
PAW Series for Cup,
however, all you have to do is pick a
winner and choose how
many laps you think the eventual winner
will lead.

You will still receive the same amount of
points as the driver
you pick. If you choose a driver that does
not receive points
for that series (such as a John Hunter
Nemechek in the Truck
Series), you will receive 0 points, so be
mindful of that.

Being the closest to the amount of laps
led by the winner will
net you 5 extra points to your total.

After each week, I'll have the results
ranked by who scored
the most points. Tie-breakers will be
settled by who came
closest to the lap led total.

A unique concept to these two series: The
picker who has the
best result each week will receive an
extra 10 points.

Apologies for posting this a bit late in
the week for the
Truck Series, as I completely thought the
Canada race was the
week of Darlington (next week).

(Variable) PICK A WINNER: ?
(3 points) Lap Leader Award: 0 - 500
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