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Title:PAWLL-STAR 2018
Posted By:aanewcombe on May 13, 2018 IP Logged

(Variable) PICK A WINNER (All-Star Race): ?
(Variable) PICK A WINNER (All-Star Open): ?

As with last year's PAWLL-STAR, all you have to do is pick a winner from the Open and the All-Star Race itself. The only difference is that there will be points
rewarded in place of average finish. Whoever has the best two picks will be rewarded with a win. Here's how it works:

Picking Clint Bowyer in the 2017 All-Star Open would have netted 10 points for winning Stage 1 of the Open, then an extra 8 points for finishing 13th in the Race
Pairing Bowyer with Matt Kenseth would have netted 1 point for Kenseth finishing last in the All-Star race
Therefore, the total would result in 19 points.

The picker with the most total points will be crowned PAWLL-STAR Champion and use that win towards making the playoffs.

If there is a tie, I am doing a tie-breaker by virtue of charter drivers. If you do not have a charter driver, you will automatically lose in a tie. color> You can still
select a charter at the following link. You can also use the driver you choose for 3 weeks in which you do not submit a pick:

* All-Star Open Entry List: TBA
* All-Star Race Entry List: TBA

PAW Official Rules

Feedback Is Welcomed!
If you have any suggestions on how to make the PAW Series better, feel free to contact me.

~ Good luck everyone! Pick A Winner (PAW) is a game open to any registered member of
NNRacing.com, and any user can start playing at any time simply by posting a driver's name
in this post. It is an
organized game run by users, for users. If anyone has any questions or needs any type of
clarification, feel free to private
message me and I should be able to reply promptly.

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