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Title:2001 BGN Texas Schemes Help
Posted By:Strawberry on March 13, 2018 IP Logged
I'm gonna try to do all the Texas cars tomorrow (that 4wd hasn't
covered and I haven't done yet). To do:

-#34 David Green (AFG Glass/Pinnacle Art & Frame)
-#98 Elton Sawyer (Starter)
-#77 Kelly Denton (GC Toys, different scheme)
-#16 Mark Day (31-W Insulation)
-#22 Andy Hillenburg (Quail Unlimited)

I've already done the 41 of David Starr and the updated 74 scheme
(though that needs some editing--that's why I didn't upload it
with my first set). If anyone has any good shots or logos that
would be fantastic. I know Jayski has a good one of the 98, and
the 22 and 77 might have good shots due to their crashes but
logos might be an issue for those two especially.
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