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Title:PICK A WINNER 2018: Pre-Season
Posted By:aanewcombe on January 24, 2018 IP Logged
Hello all,
We're a little under a month away from a new season and I'd just want to let you all know that I do plan
on keeping up with PAW for 2018. I really enjoyed last
year and I hope everyone that participated did as well. I don't anticipate many changes to the rules and
the format unless there are enough suggestions for an

I'd really like to get a few more people involved this year, so if you've never played PAW before and
are curious, or if you know someone who might be
interested in joining us, feel free :) I'll be posting something soon before the season starts that will
hopefully get a quick headcount of those interested in
playing this year; and there will be points involved for participation.

Also, I am curious about creating a separate forum or site to keep up with PAW history and such, so if
anyone would be interested in helping out with that, I
would appreciate hearing from you. PAW is turning 11 years old this year, so it can be tough for one
person to maintain. As always, if you have any comments,
questions or suggestions, you're always welcome to PM me.

Just wanted to update you all, and I look forward to battling alongside all of you :)
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