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Title:PAWXS 2017
Posted By:aanewcombe on November 15, 2017 IP Logged

(Variable) PICK A WINNER: ?
(3 points) Pole Award: Qualifying picks must be made before Saturday at 11am (est).
(3 points) Driver Spotlight: William Byron, Elliott Sadler, Justin Allgaier, Daniel Hemric
(3 points) Lap Leader Award: 0 - 200

* Pole Award - If qualifying is cancelled, the award will still be awarded to whoever picks
who starts 1st. If no one picks the polesitter correctly, it will be considered a "rain out."
* Driver Spotlight Award - Select the driver you think will win the NXS Championship
* Lap Leader Award - Select how many laps the eventual leader will lead this weekend

* Daniel Suarez started on pole for this race last year
* These four drivers will compete for the Championship with the highest finishing driver winning the title
* Daniel Suarez led 133 laps in his win last year

PAW Official Rules

Feedback Is Welcomed!
If you have any suggestions on how to make the PAW Series better, feel free to contact me.

~ Good luck everyone! Pick A Winner (PAW) is a game open to any registered member of
NNRacing.com, and any user can start playing at any time simply by posting a driver's name
in this post. It is an
organized game run by users, for users. If anyone has any questions or needs any type of
clarification, feel free to private
message me and I should be able to reply promptly.

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