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Posted By:aanewcombe on August 20, 2017 IP Logged
Hey everyone,
I'd just like to say thanks for your responses on the survey!

Due to the response for the trial run of an Xfinity and Trucks playoff being overwhelmingly positive, we can go ahead and see how it turns out :)

Everyone will be eligible to participate in the Championship(s). Unless a lot of you want to experiment with the points/awards system to test for 2018, I
was going to keep the points system the same as the Cup series.

I could be wrong, but I believe Cup drivers like Kyle Larson, Daniel Suarez, etc. are still eligible to run during the playoff races while Kyle Busch, Joey
Logano, etc. are not. If this is the case, how would you all want to go about that? If Kyle Larson is the lone Cup driver racing in the Xfinity race at
Dover, for example, I'd hate for every pick to be Kyle Larson; but at the same time, if Larson is lightning fast all weekend long, I'd hate to outlaw
picking him for the sake of an Xfinity only driver. If anyone has suggestions, you're more than welcome to send me a message with your thoughts!
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